world largest nuclear fusion reactor: ITER Nuclear Fusion Reactor Fuel tests to begin for world largest nuclear fusion reactor

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world largest nuclear fusion reactor: ITER Nuclear Fusion Reactor Fuel tests to begin for world largest nuclear fusion reactor

Fuel testing has begun at the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor. A team of scientists is testing the potential of an extremely rare form of hydrogen to power a fusion reactor in France. If this test of his proves successful, then it will give the world a huge source of clean energy. This will not only reduce dependence on fossil fuels, but will also benefit the environment.

What is Nuclear Fusion?
Nuclear fusion is called nuclear fusion in Hindi. It occurs when two atoms join into one. This releases enormous amounts of energy – enough to power the Sun and other stars. Fusion only occurs when atoms are under extreme heat and pressure. Despite this, scientists still do not know how to use fusion to generate energy on Earth.

The world’s most powerful magnet will show in France, the power is 280000 times more than the Earth’s magnetic field
Nuclear fusion has many advantages
If scientists succeed in running a nuclear fusion reactor, then it will have many benefits. Unlike the burning of fossil fuels, the fusion process does not produce any greenhouse gases. Its main power source, hydrogen, is abundantly available on Earth. Nuclear fusion is also much safer than nuclear fission.

It also does not harm the environment
Nuclear fusion does not generate radioactive waste that remains in the atmosphere for a long time. It is a more reliable source of energy than renewable energy. For example, wind or solar depend on environmental factors. Sometimes it will be less and sometimes more. Whereas, nuclear fusion can be used to generate a controlled amount of energy.

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Developed ‘Tokamak’ for Fusion
Scientists have developed a special device to harness fusion energy. That’s a hollow, donut-shaped machine called a tokamak. Inside a tokamak, the gaseous hydrogen fuel turns into plasma under the influence of extreme heat and pressure. Magnets outside the hollow sphere control the motion of this plasma, and as the atoms within it undergo fusion, the inner walls absorb their energy.

75% work of ITER completed
ITER scientists aim to activate the world’s largest fusion reactor by 2025. Scientists from 35 countries of the world including India are working in this project. 75% construction work of ITER has been completed. Through this nuclear fusion is to create energy on Earth. This will also give us special information about the origin of stars.

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