Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

top 10 highest paying jobs in canada
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Canada is presently high in demand for some special professionals for the facilities and remuneration they get there. There are various job opportunities, strong currency and easy immigration process attracts others to work there and earn as per the skills.

If you are the person looking to build your career in Canada and searching on internet for different highest paying jobs in Canada. Then our below given list will definitely help you to get your dream job.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

There are numerous career opportunities in different industries like healthcare, IT, AI and others. Below we have given details about 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada. Read all to get some knowledge and idea, if you want to grow your career in Canada with the opportunities available with high remuneration.

Software Developer

Software developers are in high demand in Canada. They are often called coders or technical software engineers. The person who can create an innovation in the web, can create an app or new advanced features in mobiles are in high demand and get the highest paying job in Canada. If you can create a code that can be scalable or secured then you can do it as a career opportunity in Canada. Salary of a software developer may vary from $87,000 to $1,01,000 annually.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are those who know the machine learning techniques of a database. They have a proper knowledge of programming and datasets handling. Data scientists are also in high demand in Canada due to the internet expansion and business driven model. The salary of a Data Scientist may vary from $87,000 to $1,00,000 annually.

Information Technology Manager

IT Managers lead the team to execute the projects in time adhering the quality and budget. If you have strong communication skills and leadership quality then this job is suitable for you. An OT Project Manager can earn from $86,000 to $1,27,000 in Canada depending upon the location.

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Cloud System Engineers

Cloud Engineers are the person who integrate the cloud technology seamlessly within the organization to secure database and integrated technology to better results. Such as other famous cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. A cloud Engineers can earn from $1,00.00 to $1,33,000 depending upon the location in Canada.


Pharmacist are health Care professionals associated with medications and specialization. I want to make your career in industry and secure a job in Canada in pharmacist can be suitable for you. It requires verification and are licensed professionals. These persons know how to use the medicine, how to preserve the medicine and uses of each. Pharmacists are also in high demand and are highly paying persons in Canada. A pharmacist may earn in Canada from $67,000 to $98,000 annually.


Physiotherapists are also related to healthcare industry and are in high demand in Canada. Physiotherapist are the persons who help to cure some ailments and after surgery recovery with the help of specific exercises. They need to be verified and get license for the same. A professional physiotherapist can earn in Canada from $90,000 to $1,30,000 annually depending upon the location.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practice nurse are health Care professionals and are mid level trained professionals to take care of a patient. This profession is in high demand in Canada and Nurse Practitioner can earn upto $1,23,000 annually there. This profession is growing rapidly and in demand, you may take it in the consideration as highly paying job.

Sales Manager / Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are also high and demand on Canada and empty ear by huge job opportunities opens for sales managers or acting managers. Marketing managers may include public relations in-charge and are responsible to run campaigns to drive sales and brand building. A Marketing Manager may earn upto $87,000 annually in Canada.

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Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are the developers of new patterns to extract oil gases and other from the deep underground. If you want to make your career in Canada’s gas industry or oil industry than petroleum engineers are the best for you as these are highest paying professionals in Canada. Petroleum engineer can earn from $97,000 to $1,27,000 in Canada.

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Thousands of vacancies open per year in the law industry whether it’s a lawyer or a notary person. Not only in courtroom but lawyers are in demand in various industries as a personal lawyer. This person can help industry to stay away from any unwanted legal issues. Lawyers are also a highest paying jobs and a pride to be lawyer in any country. 

Truck Driver 

If you don’t have any of the above skills and looking for a highest paying job in Canada then you may consider Truck Driver’s job as a profession. You need to know to run heavy goods vehicle and have the license for the same. Truck drivers are the person who transport goods from one city to another. These professionals are also high in demand. 

If you want to make your career in Canada then you may consider above mentioned high paying jobs. To grab the opportunity to secure one you need to have skills and qualifications as per your dream job.

Which profession has highest salary in Canada?

In Canada highest paying salaried persons are medical and healthcare professionals whereas computer engineering and AI is also at the boom in salary and packages.

How much can an Indian earn in Canada?

On an average an Indian can earn upto $40,000 annually in Canada.

Is it better to settle in India or Canada?

Canada is much better to live and settle than in India, if you get an opportunity. As the living style and salaries are far better than in India.

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