Learn the benefits of cheap alum, you will be amazed!

Learn the benefits of cheap alum, you will be amazed!

Mumbai: There are some very cheap things in the market that can be very useful in your life. One of these is alum. & nbsp; Alum, which looks like a white stone, is very effective. Today we want to know what are the benefits of this cheap cool alum … we have heard or generally alum is used to purify water. When alum is immersed in water, the dirt in the water goes to the bottom. In addition, alum has many other benefits. Alum works as an antiseptic for skin and health. It has many medicinal properties.

What is alum used for? & nbsp;
If the wound is washed with alum water two to three times a day, the effect is quicker.

Rinse the alum with water to clean it.

Skin odor If it is coming, take a bath with that water by turning the alum out of the water or mix the alum powder in hot water.

If you have a toothache, you should fill your mouth with alum water every day. Rotating a piece of alum every day helps in getting rid of pimples.

It is also useful for coughing but it is necessary to consult a doctor first.

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If you have muscle problems, mix turmeric and alum powder and apply it on the affected area.

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