young man shot neighbor dog: Jabalpur News : jabalpur eccentric young man shot neighbor dog

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young man shot neighbor dog: Jabalpur News : jabalpur eccentric young man shot neighbor dog


  • The young man shot the dog after disturbing his sleep in Jabalpur
  • The barking of the dog was disturbing the sleep of the young man.
  • Waking up in the night, he shot the dog, people informed the police
  • Police reached the spot and detained the brother and son of the former government officer

In Sanskardhani Jabalpur (Jabalpur Today News), a young man’s sleep was disturbed due to the barking of a dog. Troubled by the neighbor’s dog, the young man has taken a fatal step. After this the dog is shot. The dog died on the spot. The incident is of Vijay Nagar police station area. Hearing the sound of gunshots, the people nearby informed the police.

The Vijay Nagar police station reached the spot and started investigation into the matter. It is being told that the dog of a family living in Vijayanagar area was barking till late at night. Because of this the young man could not sleep. He tried to pacify the dog several times but when the dog did not calm down, he shot him.

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In this case, the brother and son of a former government official have been detained on suspicion by the police. He is being questioned at Vijayanagar police station. Police are also looking for the weapon from which the bullet was fired. Animal lovers are deeply saddened by this incident.

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At the same time, people in the area were horrified due to the firing at night. People did not understand for a while what had happened. The people of the colony had also left as soon as the police arrived. Animal lovers of the district have demanded action against the youth who opened fire.

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