Worlds Oldest Land Animal 189 Years Old Tortoise Is Still Looking For Partner

Worlds Oldest Land Animal 189 Years Old Tortoise Is Still Looking For Partner

Possibly the oldest creature in the world, a 189-year-old tortoise can no longer see or smell. Yet her libidos are still active and showing no signs of slowing down. The giant Jonathan turtle of Seychelles is considered to be the oldest land animal on earth. You can guess its age from the fact that this turtle has seen two world wars, Russian revolution and 39 US presidents in its life.

The island has been home since 1882
Black and white photographs show Jonathan’s early years on the remote island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, which has been his home since 1882. After two centuries of his best living, Jonathan is as Randy (Sexually Excited) as ever, says a veterinarian with the best knowledge of the ancient tortoise.

still hearing ability
St. Helena’s resident veterinarian Joe Hollins said in 2015 that he was blind due to cataracts, having lost his sense of smell so he couldn’t locate food, but his hearing was still intact. He said, ‘Despite this age, the libido still exists within Jonathan. He is often seen with Emma and sometimes with Fred. Not being able to see or smell, Jonathan has no problem mating even with a male partner like Fred.

Why could not have children
According to The Times, Frederica was introduced to Jonathan in 1991 to create a romance between the two. For a long time, the couple was reunited on Sunday morning but the two never had a child. One day the vet was treating a wound on Fred’s shell when he realized that Fred was not having children because he was a man, not a woman.

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