Women who brought sex ed to the Arab world

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Women who brought sex ed to the Arab world

“In the Middle East, there’s a misconception that girls really shouldn’t see a gynecologist until they’re married,” she said. “Many years met with no one – if at all – for fear that undergoing a pelvic exam would result in loss of virginity.”

Women and girls send their questions to Instagram, and when she can’t offer a treatment or diagnosis on the app, she offers general advice, knowing that many of her correspondents may never make it to the clinic.

Another common problem she has found is that the emphasis on premarital celibacy, which often stems from fear, can lead to marriage. A virgin suddenly found herself lying next to her husband on their wedding night, she said, overcome by fear and discomfort, which can manifest itself physically in the vagina, a condition in which the muscles of the vagina are involuntary. shrinks during penetration.

For some women, new platforms have changed their lives in small but powerful ways.

Salma, 32, an Egyptian high school teacher who preferred not to use her surname, said she took a class with Ms Imam, which made her feel more comfortable about her body.

For example, when she has her period, she doesn’t feel the need to hide a pad on her way to the bathroom. “Because why do I have to hide?” he said.

He has found his body as a source of bliss.

“I used to think masturbating was something embarrassing,” she said. “But now I know it’s normal, and natural, to do something and enjoy it.”

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And she knows its name in Arabic.

Mona al-Naggar reported from Cairo and Sara Aridi from New York.

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