Woman Cuts Rope Of Three Painters Hanging From Building In Bangkok But Why

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Woman Cuts Rope Of Three Painters Hanging From Building In Bangkok But Why

The laborers working by hanging on high-rise buildings with the help of ropes put their lives in danger every day. Some such workers were repairing a skyscraper hanging from a rope in Bangkok when a woman living in the building cut their rope. Due to the understanding of a resident of the building itself, the lives of the laborers were saved and a major accident was averted.

In fact, the woman was angry that she was not informed about the work going on in the building. The three painters working in the building were getting down from the 32nd floor. When they reached the 30th floor, they felt the rope heavier than before. When he looked down, he found someone on the 21st floor opened the window and cut his rope.
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A resident of the building saved his life
However, a resident on the 26th floor let him in and his life was saved. The woman who cut the rope has been charged with murder and damage to property. Colonel Pongjak Prechakarunpong, the head of the Pak Krait police station in the north of Thailand’s capital, told AP news agency.

Woman can be jailed for 20 years
The 34-year-old woman had initially denied the allegations of rope cutting. However, when the police sent the cut rope for fingerprint and DNA test, he confessed. Pongjak said the woman had been temporarily released. But if convicted on the charge of attempted murder, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

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