‘Wild is the Wind’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Melissa? Is the husk dead or alive?

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‘Wild is the Wind’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Melissa? Is the husk dead or alive?

Discrimination based on caste and caste is so deeply rooted in our system that sometimes even the most conscientious person fails to realize when he has crossed these lines. However, the problem arises when someone makes you aware of those actions and instead of correcting your mistakes, you feel annoyed by them. Director Fabian Medea’s Netflix film, “Wild is the Wind,” attempts to highlight racial injustice among racialized people in a South African community. However, as in real life, the film fails to do anything about it.

“Wild is the Wind” centers on Vusi Matsoso (played by Mathusi Magano), a corrupt police officer who is consciously aware of the oppression around him yet chooses to ignore it. Bhusi just wants to make a lot of money through illegal drug trade and leave the city to settle down with his pregnant wife. However, soon, an incident occurs that forces Vusi to face his conscience and help his community. Much of the plot revolves around trying to investigate a serial killer who has killed a white girl on the loose. However, a person of caste is wrongly accused of the crime and imprisoned. So, let’s explore how Vushi finally gave up his corrupt ways to catch the killer.

Spoilers ahead

‘Wild is the Wind’ Plot Summary: What happened in the film?

The story begins when Officer Vusi stops a car that has exceeded the speed limit. Bhusi took the bribe and let the man go. Wilhelm, who is driving the car, catches a woman of color in the trunk, but Hussey and his best friend and partner, John (played by Frank Rautenbach) fail to notice that they are blinded by their own greed.

Three years later, we see Husky and John running an illegal drug bust operation. Later they try to sell the drugs to a dealer named Mongo for big money. Mongo buys medicine from Vusi, but he keeps his men behind him to watch his steps. Meanwhile, a tragic incident has occurred. Melissa (played by Eisel Bezuidenhout), the mayor’s niece, is brutally murdered in a forest. When a substantial reward is announced for the capture of Melissa’s killer, Husk and John change their minds and decide to investigate the case.

During the investigation, Melissa’s ex-boyfriend Heaney was found guilty of slapping Melissa in the pub on the night of the murder. He didn’t kill her though. Eventually, Henny’s alibi proves his innocence and casts doubt on Mongo’s relative, Sunnyboy, who was Melissa’s current boyfriend. After arresting Sunnyboy, Mongo comes to the husk to scare him and his pregnant wife, as he does not like men who break trust. For Bhusi’s betrayal, Mongo’s men took back his money and his savings.

Meanwhile John could not repay the bank loan to leave his farm due to lack of money. So he becomes desperate for the reward. He tricked Sunnyboy into signing the “confession of guilt” paper. Vushi realizes that Sunnyboy is innocent. So he decided to investigate himself. The story further explores Vusi’s conflict between abandoning corruption and becoming a true hero. But since John had already chosen the wrong side, the brothers eventually became sworn enemies.

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Why did Husky and John deal drugs? Why did John and Husky get separated?

“Wild is the Wind” is set in a community in South Africa where murder and corruption are rampant. In the interim, police officer Vusi became disillusioned with his job and was eager to leave the hostile environment. His wife was a maid in the mayor’s house, and the mayor was a very racist man. Even the Vusi have always been discriminated against. In his profession, he did not get enough salary to manage his family efficiently. Vusi’s wife was pregnant, so he wanted to leave their current home and move to Johannesburg so that his wife and unborn child could have a better future.

However, Vusi could not afford to stay there, so he got involved in the drug trade to earn a lot of money. Along with him, his fellow police officer John was in the same vein. John may have mortgaged his firm to the bank for some reason, but he did not have the money to pay the dues on time. So, they both secretly got involved in the drug trade and acquired a bag full of cash which was shared between John and him. But the money could not stay with them for long.

As Vusi and John want to investigate the case to claim the reward, they arrest Sunnyboy, who was with Melissa the night he was killed. Sunnyboy repeatedly said he didn’t kill her, but because he was a black man, he eventually became the prime suspect without any evidence. Vushi realizes that Sunnyboy is innocent. According to forensics, the killer was right-handed, but Sunnyboy was a left-hander. In his confession, Sunnyboy told Vossey that Melissa’s car was followed by a white bucky that night. The footage of this white bakkie was also captured on security cameras. Vusi eventually found the car and sneaked into it to collect a DNA sample of the driver. Meanwhile, John received the last notice from his bank. Since Mongo took the money from Vusi, John can only count on the reward.

As a result, without Soniboy’s consent, he misled him into confessing. Vushi could not accept this injustice in any way, so a rift developed between them. The husk breaks John’s nose, and John drives him out of his house. John had always treated Husky like his own brother, but now his true colors were revealed. Even when another suspect’s sperm matches the one found on Melissa’s body, John completely ignores it because he wants to get the reward money as soon as possible to get rid of the bank debt and is willing to do anything in his power to do so. Thus, the two of them are separated as Vusi believes that John may also harbor hatred towards the caste community.

How did Sonnyboy die?

Sonnyboy couldn’t read or write, so John had no problem tricking him into signing the confession paper. Sunnyboy did not know that by signing the document he had mistakenly admitted himself guilty. However, it is clear that he did not kill Melissa, because he truly loved her. He carried a picture of Melissa because he missed her.

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On the day of Sonnyboy’s court appearance, as he was being taken to court, Melissa’s mother shot and killed him. Melissa’s parents, like other whites in the community, blame people of color for the community’s corruption and violence, and thus, when they learn that Sunnyboy is involved in Melissa’s murder, they abandon their rational thinking and vow revenge. In their own way on that. Even without proper evidence, Melissa’s mother killed an innocent man because he was a black man and a relative of a drug dealer. Moreover, John was the only guilty person here because, through his selfishness, he indirectly assisted in the killing of an innocent person.

‘Wild is the Wind’ Ending Explained: Who Killed Melissa? Is the husk dead?

Soon after finding the white bakkie, Vusi collected the driver’s DNA and sent it to forensics. Since John received the award and also a promotion for convicting Sunnyboy, he fired Husk after their fight. Vusi did not take his suspension well, so he continued to drink throughout the day. The forensic doctor told him that Wilhelm’s DNA sample and the piece of skin found under Melissa’s fingernail matched. When John finally declares that he will not help Husk at all, Husk begins a solo investigation of Wilhelm. He finally finds Wilhelm and confronts him. Wilhelm finally admits that he killed Melissa, but his words are filled with pride rather than remorse.

Wilhelm was a complete psychopath who only killed women. Wilhelm was a product of misogyny and racism that drove him to kill mostly women of color. However, it is not clear why he killed Melissa. Perhaps, since she was the mayor’s niece, killing her gave Wilhelm the satisfaction that he was invincible and could kill anyone he wanted. Therefore, he killed them all under the delusion that after death they would all become his slaves. Finally, after a bloody battle, when Husky is on the verge of death, he kills Wilhelm with a single gun. He carried Wilhelm’s body in his car, but died en route from severe injuries.

“Wild is the Wind” ends on a symbolic note as Vusi’s car stops in front of a stop sign board and the streets around him seem to have seen some serious rioting before. It refers to the current situation of a society where racial and gender inequality has brought horror to the world, leading to its imminent destruction.

The final word

“Wild is the Wind” is a crime thriller with no thrills. The film focuses more on racism, corruption and the inner conflict that the hero goes through. The movie’s dialogues are stylish, but actually the screenplay is poorly executed. The plotline of the movie is very scattered, and the action sequences are very poor. Overall, the film portrays apartheid as well as the dire state of the country’s economy. In my opinion, as a crime thriller movie, “Wild is the Wind” doesn’t give you anything unique that will stick in your mind or give you something to think about.

“Wild is the Wind” is a 2022 drama crime film directed by Fabian Medea.

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