Why the Chinese internet is cheering on Russia’s invasion

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Why the Chinese internet is cheering on Russia’s invasion

He declared that the friendship of countries “has no boundaries”.

Given that the leaders met a few weeks before the invasion, it can be concluded that China should have been better aware of the Kremlin’s plans. But mounting evidence suggests that the Echo Chamber of China’s foreign policy establishment may have misled not only the country’s Internet users but also its own officials.

My colleague Edward Wong pointed out that over a three-month period, senior US officials held meetings with their Chinese counterparts and shared intelligence that details Russia’s military build-up around Ukraine. The Americans asked the Chinese officials to intervene with the Russians and not let them invade.

The Chinese dismissed the Americans, saying they did not think an invasion was in the works. US intelligence showed that on one occasion, Beijing shared Americans’ information with Moscow.

Recent speeches by some of the government’s most influential advisers on international relations suggest that the mistrust may be based on deep mistrust of the United States. He saw it as a dwindling power that wanted to pursue the war with false intelligence because it would benefit the United States economically and strategically.

Professor Jin Canrong of Renmin University in Beijing told state broadcaster China Central Television, or CCTV, on February 20 that the US government was talking about an impending war as an unstable Europe would help Washington, as well as the country’s financial and energy Industry. After the war began, he admitted to his 2.4 million Weibo followers that he was shocked.

Just before the invasion, Professor Shen Yi of Fudan University in Shanghai scoffed at the Biden administration’s war predictions in a 52-minute video program. “Why did Sleepy Joe use such poor quality intelligence on Ukraine and Russia?” He asked for President Biden, using Donald Trump’s favorite nickname.

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Earlier in the week, Mr. Shen had a conference call with clients of a brokerage about the Ukraine crisis, titled “A war that will not be fought.”

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