why fungal infection cases only reported in india: experts on why black fungus infection cases only in india: why black fungus is spreading only in india? Know the opinion of experts

why fungal infection cases only reported in india: experts on why black fungus infection cases only in india: why black fungus is spreading only in india? Know the opinion of experts


  • Experts told, why black fungus infection cases are found in India itself
  • Taking medicines without doctor’s advice, misuse of steroids, wearing the same mask repeatedly. Possible reasons
  • Diabetes, use of industrial oxygen can also be possible causes of fungal infection.

New Delhi
Black fungus (mucoramycosis) is also wreaking havoc with the corona epidemic in the country. Weak immunity and steroids are being blamed for this. Different theories are being presented on this by doctors. But the question is arising that the manner in which black fungus is becoming uncontrollable in India is not being seen in any other country.

So far, more than 11 thousand cases of black fungus have been reported across the country. At the same time, many states have already declared mucoramycosis as a notified disease under the epidemic act. Most of the patients who are found to be suffering from black snag in India are corona infection or sugar patients.

Black fungus was caught in the first wave of Kovid, the doctor had the infection
According to doctors, the risk of diseases other than corona virus infection has increased in patients with weak immunity in India. Fungal infections are believed to be flourishing for various reasons, including frequent use of dirty masks, high diabetes, and in some cases industrial oxygen, on which people are more dependent. Apart from this, due to low immunity in the body, black and white fungal infections are also occurring in the patients.

According to a doctor at Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a 54 percent mortality rate of mucoramycosis or black fungus.

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Dr. B Kamal Kapoor, director and co-founder of Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, said that there are an estimated 73 million cases of diabetes in India’s adult population. Using steroids to control the disease process also increases the level of diabetes, which also increases diabetes complications.

In India, taking medicines on your own without consulting a doctor is also a reason for increasing diseases, due to which it takes longer than normal for the patients to recover. This is causing more complications in patients and many types of infections are also increasing.

On this issue, Dr. Amit Goel, ENT Head and Professor of Jodhpur AIIMS Hospital told IANS that two things are important in India, many people do not check sugar daily or do not take medicines. People believe that once started taking medicines, one will have to take medicine for life.

Dr. Goyal said, ‘I think that other un-monitored steroids have not been used in other countries than India. At the moment when there is research on this, then you will be able to know completely why this happened? He further explained that the lack of cleanliness in our home can also be a reason. People are using the used masks again.

Delhi: How much havoc of black fungus? Kejriwal government has given figures

Is this also due to the large population of India? In response to this question, Dr. Goyal said that if we compare one percent of the population of US and India, then both will be different because they are one percent in saying but the numbers will be different.

This can also be a reason, but the way the cases are coming to us, they are not seen elsewhere. The answer can be found only when the diabetes patients of other countries are compared to their country and it is seen that there is more prevalence of fungus in our country and other countries than the prevalence of diabetes?

According to doctors, the specialty of black fungus is also that a patient suffering from this can never sit at home and must go to the hospital. Corona-infected, people with low immune systems who have been in the ICU for a long time, patients with cancer, chemotherapy, steroid use patients, and patients with uncontrolled diabetes are mostly suffering from fungus.

IIT Kanpur PhD student and teacher break down, fast black brain reaching brain
Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora, Chairman, Inst. Tute of Liver, Gastroenterology and Pancreaticobiliary Sciences of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital told IANS, “Most of the fungal infections in the world are reported from India.” In the rest of the small countries, the population is less and the total cases are also less. In India, 2 lakh cases of corona infection are also coming to the last stage of second wave.

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A total of 30,000 corona-infected patients have been reported in Australia. Apart from this, the most cases of black fungus have been reported in India. According to doctors, black fungus prominently affects nasal nostrils, sinuses, retinal vessels, and the brain.

Dr. Ritu Saxena, Head of Emergency Department at LNJP Hospital in Delhi told IANS that while taking excessive steroids in our place, the conditions of environment here can also be a reason. The third reason is the use of industrial oxygen, the excessive use of zinc. All these can also be reasons, but these are just theory so far, nothing has been proved yet.

Black Fungus Case in India: Black Fungus spread to 18 states of the country, highest cases in Gujarat and Maharashtra
In India, people were taking steroids at home even in case of negligence, medicines. Black fungus is seen more in patients who have taken care of their home or who have been treated in private hospitals. Fewer such patients have been seen in government hospitals.

Out of all the patients who have gone here from LNJP Hospital, only a few patients came back for treatment or else all the patients are from outside. Although according to information, doctors use an injection called liposomal amphotericin B to combat the disease, the government of India has licensed five more companies to manufacture it to boost the production of the drug.

On the other hand, this information is also coming out that instructions have been given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that this drug should be brought to India immediately in whichever corner of the world it is available.


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