why farm laws repealed by pm modi know all reason behind it

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why farm laws repealed by pm modi know all reason behind it

Awadhesh Kumar

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address to the nation, hardly anyone could have imagined that he would announce the return of all three agricultural laws. After all, if the laws on which the government was stuck for a year, the question will arise that why this decision was taken? Now the political significance of this decision is being discussed the most and it is also natural in view of the upcoming assembly elections.

increasing difficulties
Is this true of the whole matter? To be honest, majority of the farmers of the country were in favor of these laws. Never before had such a crowd gathered on the borders of Delhi, due to which it would have been considered a nationwide issue. The Supreme Court had stayed these laws. Prime Minister Modi himself and his strategists also knew that the opposition would ridicule them if they were withdrawn. Then why did the government do this? It does not seem right that this decision was taken in view of the Uttar Pradesh elections. This is indicated by internal surveys of the BJP. He learned that there was no widespread opposition to agricultural laws in the state. Yes, there was some opposition in some districts of western Uttar Pradesh, but that does not affect the election result much. In the Terai region of Uttarakhand and also in Haryana, these laws were causing some problems for the BJP. In Haryana, the coalition government partner JJP also had a problem, but it was also clear that if the government fell due to its break, the JJP was not guaranteed success in the upcoming elections.

Announcement to withdraw all three agricultural laws, PM Modi said in his address to the country – will complete the legal process in the next Parliament session

The meeting of Captain Amarinder Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah is also related to this issue. In this, the politics of Punjab along with internal security was discussed. The Captain said that if the BJP withdraws the agricultural laws, then he can forge an alliance with it. Due to these laws, BJP’s alliance with Akali Dal was broken. After the Prime Minister himself sharply criticized the Akali Dal, the people of BJP in Punjab felt that now our party can stand freely here. BJP leaders-workers in the state have long complained that Akalis do not allow them to work and this alliance has always been harmful for the party. Even a major reason for Navjot Singh Sidhu leaving BJP was resentment with the Akali Dal. The party took feedback from the state on agricultural laws and reached a final decision.

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Now there may be an alliance between Amarinder’s new party Lok Congress and BJP. This will pose a challenge to the Akali Dal, the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party. Captain’s party is new, but it has a wide support base in many areas. Many Congress leaders can also come in support of Captain. At the same time, there is so much infighting in the Punjab Congress that no leader is sure about its return to power. By withdrawing the agricultural laws, the BJP government has also prevented possible electoral losses in western Uttar Pradesh and it will also change the politics of Haryana. It could also have an impact on the 2024 general elections.

So the Modi government’s troubles will not end even by withdrawing the agriculture law, the farmer leader gave a hint!

Though agricultural laws were not a big issue in the last elections, but on this basis the opponents campaigned against the BJP in West Bengal. If many such groups converged, they could have created problems for the BJP in many areas. This applies to both the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. In this context, the government’s withdrawal of these laws is being considered a masterstroke. If seen, the opposition had planned to surround the government with regard to agricultural laws. Now the issue is out of his hands. Rakesh Tikait has said that he will wait for the law to be repealed in Parliament, but there was a section in his support which is not in favor of dragging the movement to this extent. So if he tries to drag the movement over the MSP, then his remaining support will be less. The Prime Minister has already announced the MSP committee. This will give support to the government and weaken the base of the opponents. Therefore, at the political level, it is proving beneficial for the BJP and a setback for the opposition.

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There are also non-political reasons to withdraw these laws. The Center has a solid report and Captain Amarinder had also told the Home Minister how Khalistani elements had become active due to the farmers’ agitation. He was getting support from Pakistan. The ideal principle of democracy states that a step, however appropriate, should be withdrawn if its limited opposition is affecting the atmosphere of the country. He may try again in the future. You can also call it a strategy and also the implementation of democratic values.

Agricultural laws are back, what are the farmers adamant on now?

It is also true that the supporters of these laws have been shocked by the move of the government. Modi also said in his address that he apologizes to the country as he could not explain the goodness of the law to some farmers. It is true that the movement was dominated by elements who had a different agenda. He was more interested in creating an atmosphere against the Modi government than in agricultural laws. They wanted the government to use force, some violence, unrest. This would have helped them to create an atmosphere against the government across the country. This apprehension has ended with Modi’s move.

future lessons
The truth is also that had the government wanted, the movement would have already ended. Don’t know under which thinking it was allowed to become big. Today, there are many such parties in the opposition, which have earlier been supportive of these agricultural laws. This case is also a lesson for those who are supportive of bold steps to solve problems. If these people took to the streets against the long dharna, the government would be left with no option but to uphold the agricultural laws. Such people should prepare for the future so that there is no chance of taking back any good step.

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