Why do Korean women don’t gain weight and what do they eat to look slim trim and fit – Skinny Korean Diet

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Why do Korean women don’t gain weight and what do they eat to look slim trim and fit – Skinny Korean Diet

Korean women are famous all over the world for their slim-trim figure. To maintain this personality, these women not only follow a balanced diet, but also eat home-cooked food and like to walk a lot. If you have ever seen Korean movies, music videos or TV shows, you must have realized that most of these people are very fit, lean and healthy. Even when you walk through the streets of Korean, you rarely come across unfit people.

Then whether he is young, middle-aged or 70 years old, everyone looks in very good shape. Especially Korean women are famous all over the world for their slim-trim figure. You would also like to know why Korean women do not gain weight. So let us tell you what Korean women eat and what they do to not gain weight.

Fermented foods are included in the diet

As far as Korean women are concerned, there is a side dish to accompany all their meals. which is usually fermented. Let us tell you that fermented foods are very good for the intestines and improve digestive health. Apart from this, they not only strengthen the immune system but also help in weight loss.

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Follows a balanced diet

Korean women follow a balanced diet. There is hardly anything that Korean women do not eat. From protein to carbs and fat, a healthy Korean diet has it all, but in a balanced way. Apart from this, Koreans also pay a lot of attention to the portion size. These people avoid overeating and include physical activity in their daily routine.

Vegetables are the first choice of women

While we Indians avoid eating vegetables, Korean women insist on eating vegetables. If ever you enjoy traditional Korean cuisine, you will come across a wide variety of vegetables. Overall, Koreans are very fond of vegetables, which is the secret of their slim, healthy and fit body. Most vegetables are fibrous, healthy and low in calories. Also, the fiber present in vegetables makes them feel full for a long time.

Sea food is the secret to staying healthy and fit

Seafood is one of the main foods in Korean. Apart from fatty fish, women here consume seaweed in everything from regular dishes to soups. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, seaweed contains a good amount of fiber, which is good for digestion and makes you feel full for a long time. Due to this there is no feeling of hunger again and again and weight gain also stops.

eats more home cooked food than fast food

A Korean woman prefers to eat home cooked food more than fast food to stay fit. According to him, there is nothing better than homemade food to lose weight. Eating processed, unhealthy food and fast food not only leads to weight gain, but also increases the risk of chronic disease.

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love to walk

Most people in Korea prefer to walk. They go on foot instead of using a car, bus or other vehicle to reach everywhere. An active lifestyle is the reason most women are not only healthy but also keeping their weight under control.

So if you also want to look fit and healthy like Korean women, then definitely try the diet and activities followed by them in your lifestyle.

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