Which vaccine is better covaxin or covishield: Coronavirus vaccination: who should get covaxield and for whom covaxine is better, know doctor’s opinion – who should get covishield or avoid covaxin know doctor advice

Which vaccine is better covaxin or covishield: Coronavirus vaccination: who should get covaxield and for whom covaxine is better, know doctor’s opinion – who should get covishield or avoid covaxin know doctor advice

The vaccination campaign for 18+ citizens in India is continuing in full swing to eradicate the second wave of Corona virus. This is a major step by the government to stop the spread of the epidemic. A large number of people are appearing at the vaccine centers. Everyday millions of people are registering to take a dose of the vaccine but the slots are not getting empty.

In such a situation where there are reports of vaccine shortages, on the other hand, there is a question in the mind of many that which vaccine they choose whenever they get a chance to take a dose is Kovishield or Kovaxine.
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Kovshield and Kovaxine have met the WHO standards


One of the reasons for the delay in vaccination is that some people are saying one vaccine better than the other. In such a situation, they do not register until they get the vaccine slot of their choice.

Kovaxin and Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech, have produced Kovishield (also known globally as Oxford-AstraZeneca or Vaxjaveria).

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Both these vaccines are being administered in every corner of the country. Covishield and covaxine have met WHO standards and both are effective in protecting against covid. Covishield and covaxin are made in the traditional way.

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Doctor insists on vaccine dose

When people in the country have the option to select 2 vaccines, then whose dose should they take? Our colleague Times of India asked this question to Dr. Susheela Kataria, Head of Internal Medicine, Medanta Medicity, during her Instagram live, to which she has expressed her reaction.

Dr. Kataria said that people should not be suspicious about getting vaccinated. Dr. Says that at present there is no time to choose the vaccine brand, but now vaccination should be given priority. However, he also said that people between the ages of 18–45 should also keep their health standards in mind before signing up for a vaccine.

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Doctor’s advice on vaccine selection

These people are advised not to take covicin

However, the doctor has given information about who should take Kovishield and who should take Kovaxine. The doctor says that elderly people who are taking blood-thinning medications are advised not to take Covaxin.

According to Dr. Kovishield jab is mainly given to older people or people with severe comradeship. Apart from these, according to some reports, those who are allergic, have fever, are taking medicines related to the immune system, they are also told not to take covaxine.

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Covacine is the right option for the youth

Dr. Kataria has warned that young people opting for the Oxford-Astrazeneca jab are seeing more side effects than covaxine. It has been revealed through several reports that Covishield shows more immunogenic response and hence more side effects. Therefore, the youth should get cocaine.

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Do not put cocaine with weak immune system

Talking about the benefits of the vaccine, Dr. Kataria also stated that the dose of Covishield produces more antibodies inside the body than kovaxine. Therefore, those whose immune system is more vulnerable should insist on getting Kovishield vaccine instead of Kovaxine.

Both vaccines are effective in preventing Kovid.

Remember that the two vaccines we have right now are equally effective. Even though they do not completely prevent COVID infection, both covshield and covaxin are known to reduce the severity and risk of mortality associated with infection. That is why we should prioritize taking doses rather than choosing the vaccine of our choice. Get the vaccine given to you right now, do not ignore it.

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