what is the cause of bruising for no reason: Nile marks appear again and again without any injury, is there this problem in the body?

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what is the cause of bruising for no reason: Nile marks appear again and again without any injury, is there this problem in the body?

Do you have indigo marks on your body too? If yes, then it is not necessary that it is due to some injury, even without any injury, there is a blue on the body. Many times it happens that if you see now, there is no mark on the feet or body, but today, if you see, a blue mark is visible, which looks very ugly.

By the way, older people are more prone to blues than younger people. If this is happening again and again, then it is not right to ignore it. It is very important to know the reasons behind this, due to which indigo marks are falling on your body. So let’s know what are the possible causes of indigo marks on the body.

Why are there indigo marks on the body?

Niles are usually the result of tissue injury, which causes discoloration of the skin. It is formed when there is bleeding under the skin after an injury and damage to the arteries and blood vessels. The color of the injury can be anything from black and blue to brown or purple. Sometimes bruising does not make much difference, but people who have delicate skin, they may feel a slight pain on pressing it.

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Bleeding disorders are one of the common causes of bruising. This is a condition that occurs when a person’s blood does not clot at all or clots very slowly. Bleeding disorders such as hemophilia disease are one of the main causes of injury. This is such a genetic disease, in which when blood comes out of the body, it does not clot quickly.

Due to this accident, the bleeding of the person does not stop and he dies till death. Explain that this disease occurs due to the deficiency of a substance called thromboplastin in the blood. It has good clotting ability. Therefore, bruising without reason can also be due to hemophilia.

Vitamin-C or Vitamin-K deficiency-

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to diseases like scurvy. Due to which injury occurs. Apart from this, vitamin-K also helps in blood clotting and stops bleeding (1). Explain that this nutrient is very important to prevent any incident of injury. Due to the deficiency of vitamin K, blue marks can occur very easily on the body.

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Cancers involving the blood and bone marrow, known as leukemia, can cause blue spots in the body. (2) People with leukemia are most likely to have convulsions, because their bodies do not make enough platelets to stop bleeding from blood vessels.

This is due to chemotherapy. In fact, the platelets come down very low during chemotherapy. However, a lesion caused by leukemia is slightly different from a lesion caused by any other cause. But it can appear in any part of the body.

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drinking too much alcohol-

Drinking too much alcohol is also a cause of blue. When a person has liver diseases, it limits the production of protein from the liver, which is essential for blood clotting. This does not stop the bleeding, but also increases the chances of frequent and easy injuries.

Blood thinning drugs

Neil stains start appearing due to continuous use of blood thinners. Bleeding is especially high due to blood thinners such as aspirin. (4) Therefore, avoid taking blood thinners unless absolutely necessary, otherwise the risk of bleeding and bruising may increase.

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So if you also see blue marks on the body again and again, then have a look at the reasons mentioned here and try to avoid these reasons to get relief from the dreaded problem.

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