what happens if you sleep in a sitting position: Sleeping while sitting

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what happens if you sleep in a sitting position: Sleeping while sitting

In school, you will often be asked by your teachers to head down and you may not even know when you have fallen asleep by doing so. Today we have brought the same habit to our work. That is, often people take a nap while working at their desk. If you do this, you may have found that it has caused pain in your back, and stiffness in the neck or shoulders. If this has happened, the reason behind this is that you have to sit and work on the system for hours.

We often get so engrossed in doing our work that we sit in one place for the whole day without moving. While it can also put humans in a very dangerous situation. Because the human body is not made to live like this. If you do this, you can also have a serious problem of deep vein thrombosis. Let’s see how the effect of sitting on the system for a long time or sleeping at a desk is on your body.

It can be heavy to sleep while sitting

No matter how comfortable the chair used for working in our work space is. But being on them for hours without moving or falling asleep can cause many problems for us. Due to this, not only the body posture gets bad.

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Rather, there is stiffness in the joints of the body. In this situation, stretching can be the best option to protect the body from these problems. Apart from this, lying down can also give rest to the body. On the other hand, if you fall asleep while sitting, then it can also disrupt the blood circulation in the body. Due to which many other problems can also arise.

risk of deep vein thrombosis

If you sit at your desk for hours, then not only can you get stiffness in the body because of this. Rather, it can also lead to the problem of deep vein thrombosis. Let us tell you that in this problem, a blood clot is formed inside a vein somewhere in the body. It usually occurs in the leg or thigh. This is likely to happen only if you have been sitting for hours or on the system or have started falling asleep.

If this condition is left without treatment, it sometimes becomes the cause of death of people. Actually, this blood clot reaches other parts of the body like brain, lungs etc. with the blood flow. Only when this happens, there is a possibility of the person’s death.

On this, The National Blood Clot Alliance has told that about 200 people die every day due to blood clot alone. If you are young and you think that this will not happen to you, then let us tell you that blood clots can happen to people from the age of 25 to 85 at any time.

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Symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis

  1. Swelling and pain in the muscles of the calves or in the leg
  2. hot and swollen skin
  3. Pain in feet or ankles.

What are the benefits of sleeping while sitting

Always use a recliner if you want to sit and sleep. However, one should always avoid sleeping like this. Whereas pregnant women can sleep like this if they want. This will make it easier for them to sleep. Apart from this, patients with sleep apnea can also sleep like this.

Let us tell you that this is a sleep disorder during which there is difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Or acid reflux begins. Also, sleeping while sitting can cause gastrointestinal problems.

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