what exercise builds big biceps: Biceps workout: Biceps and hammer curls are considered to be the best for making dole, but which one is best for you

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what exercise builds big biceps: Biceps workout: Biceps and hammer curls are considered to be the best for making dole, but which one is best for you

In today’s time, both young boys and girls do many exercises to improve the size and shape of their biceps. There are many biceps exercises that work on different parts of the muscles of your hands. But two of these exercises are such that people like it. But do not know which of these is more effective.

We are talking about hammer curls and biceps curls. Biceps curls are much more done than hammer curls. But that doesn’t mean the hammer curl isn’t effective. This exercise also targets the big muscles of your hands. But the thing is, which of these two exercises is more effective. If you also want to choose the best between these two exercises, then read the article till the end.

hammer curl method

  1. First stand up and open your feet at shoulder width. Keep the knees slightly bent.
  2. Now hold dumbbells of the same weight in both hands according to you.
  3. Now keep the upper part of your hands stable and bend the lower part and bring it to the shoulders.
  4. When you reach the top of your biceps, slowly bring it down.

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biceps curl method

  1. First of all, stand straight and open your feet as wide as the width of the hips. And keep your palms out and hold two dumbbells of the same weight.
  2. Now keep your hands steady and try to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders.
  3. During this, without moving your elbows, bring the dumbbells up.
  4. Now bring it slowly from top to bottom.

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How do these exercises work

Biceps curls and hammer curls actually work on a group of muscles. If there is a slight difference between them, it is only because of holding the dumbbells.

The biceps curl exercise works on two of your muscles. When you take the dumbbell upwards, it targets your internal muscles. Whereas when the hands go down, it targets your outer muscles. That is, based on the position of your hands, it targets the muscles.

Hammer curls target both your inner and outer muscles equally. But it depends on how you are holding the dumbbells. If your hands are more open then it will target the inner muscles. On the other hand, if the gap of your hands is less, then it will target the outer muscles.

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Which is better hammer or biceps curl

Both these exercises target your inner and outer muscles. In this, only the position of your hands is more important. If you are doing reverse curls, it will target the muscles differently and if you are doing straight biceps curls then it will target differently.

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Apart from this, if we talk about hammer curl, then the position of the hands in it is the same. The method of holding the dumbbell in this exercise is also neutral and it properly targets more muscles of the biceps. In such a situation, it can be said that hammer curl exercise is more effective than biceps curl. On the other hand, if you want, you can do both types of exercises for more benefits. This will benefit the muscles more.

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