What do California Swing District voters say about Afghanistan?

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What do California Swing District voters say about Afghanistan?

In a time of deep partisan division, in the Southern California congressional district, where Democrats outnumber Republicans, voters interviewed over the weekend were largely united on at least one issue: After two decades of war, President Biden was the American president. The soldiers were right to take out. of Afghanistan.

The bombing of Kabul airport did nothing to change his mind, the killing of 13 soldiers left him more stunned than sad. Many said they were simply too overwhelmed to pay attention to another foreign crisis. “We have a lot to do here,” said Ms. Ortiz, who considers herself a political liberal and voted for Mr. Biden.

Between the still raging pandemic and the economy still recovering, it was time to focus on problems at home rather than abroad, more than a dozen Republican, Democratic and independent voters said in conversations in and around Hacienda Heights. 55,000 people about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles where first- and second-generation immigrants fill subdivisions and strip malls.

That said, Afghanistan may be overlooked, but their very-small-vaccinated children may not be as likely to get sick. Leaders in Washington may worry about the threat of terrorism or America’s standing with allies, but Hacienda Heights voters said they were more concerned about issues directly affecting them: Covid-19, homelessness and Climate change, to name a few.

They were also hesitant to hold Mr Biden accountable for last week’s attacks, at least for now.

“Even when you don’t have a good choice, you still have to choose one,” said independent Patrick Huang, 65, who voted both Republican and Democrat. “He had a lot of time to prepare to get everyone out, and he totally messed it up. But I don’t blame President Biden for everything. It came after many, many presidents made mistakes. “

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