what are the worst symptoms of constipation: Constipation side effects

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what are the worst symptoms of constipation: Constipation side effects

cause of constipation

The digestive process of our body is very complex. Many organs play a role in making it successful. Actually, when we eat food, during this time the nutrients are absorbed into the body and the waste materials come out. If understood clearly, then the food reaches the large intestine, only then the stool is taken out by absorbing water and glucose. That is, our stool remains stored in the large intestine itself.

On the other hand, the condition of constipation arises when the stool starts to settle in the colon which is at the end of our digestive system. This stops the flow, due to which you also feel full, bloated. At the same time, when the body absorbs all the water from this stool, then it becomes very difficult to pass stool.

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when to go to the doctor

Usually, we use medicine or any liquid substance to pass stool. But many times this does not work out and with time the situation starts getting serious. If you start having stomach pain, flatulence or frequent constipation problems, then do not take it lightly.

If this happens, go to the doctor immediately and follow a correct treatment procedure. If you relax during this time, it can also increase the risk of intestinal rupture. Apart from this, many other complex situations can also arise.

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When alarm bell rings

If you see blood in your stool, it needs to be taken very seriously. It can also be caused by bleeding, inflammation of the intestine and colon cancer. Apart from this, if you have not passed stool for a week, then this is also an alarm bell. Generally, if a person has gone to defecation only two or three times a week, then he is kept in the category of constipation. If this happens, contact the doctor immediately. This allows the doctor to help you pass bowel movements.

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Some other symptoms that should not be ignored

  1. to faint
  2. breathing problem
  3. high fever
  4. rapid heartbeat
  5. vomiting

Friends, take all the above-mentioned symptoms seriously and include fiber-rich foods in your diet to avoid the problem of constipation.

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