West Bengal elections | Three thousand women widowed due to tiger attack; From his point of view, West Bengal elections …

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West Bengal elections | Three thousand women widowed due to tiger attack; From his point of view, West Bengal elections …

Kolkata: There is another area in West Bengal where tigers have widowed 3000 women. & nbsp; This area is in the South 24 Parganas near the Sunderbans. & nbsp; The Sundarbans is home to a large number of tigers. People from the area often go to the forest to catch fish, honey and crabs. At this time these people fall prey to man-eating tigers. What matters is how these women, widowed by the tiger attack, view the West Bengal elections.

West Bengal and Bangladesh border are heavily forested. And in this dense forest there is a real leased Bengali tiger. There are many villages on the forest border and thousands of people live in them. Fishing in the forest and catching crabs is his business and the livelihood of many. A group of five to ten people stay in the forest for fifteen days to fish. They are often attacked by tigers. Many lose their lives every year. Therefore, some of the settlements here are also known as Widow Pada.

Fulmati Roy, 60, still works in the fields. Her husband, Haren Roy, went fishing 25 years ago. People who returned a few days later said that their husband had been killed by a tiger. At the time, Fulmati Roy had four daughters and two sons. He took care of his children by working in people’s homes. Today their two children go to the river in the forest area to catch fish and crabs. Once in the forest, they come back in 10 to 15 days.

People come at the time of voting, make promises. It’s been a long time coming. Therefore, he expects to get a pension of four hundred rupees.

His son Devprasad Roy says, "I have actually seen the tiger many times so far. The tiger attacks suddenly, leaving no choice. The tiger attacks if he goes to repair a net planted in a forest river. Being in the water, nothing can be done. Going to the forest is scary. But in the end there is no choice. If you want to survive without agriculture, you have to work."

These people occasionally enter restricted areas in the forest and endanger their lives. It is known that about 60,000 people work in the forest. & nbsp; But officially, only one-third of them are allowed. & nbsp;

Kalpana got married at the age of 15. In the twentieth year they had a daughter, and in the thirtieth year her husband died. She said "Coming from the forest, my husband was attacked by a tiger. He asked people for help. Three people also helped. People chased away the tiger with the help of wood. They were put in a boat and taken to the hospital. When I found out, I reached the hospital. But the attack was so severe that he died in it. I have a daughter. I have a small farm and I make a living by working on people’s farms. No one helps."

Many people survived the tiger attack. Sometimes the tigers come to the village, say the locals. There are many villages in this area where every household has a widow. & nbsp;

In this area, tigers prey not only on ordinary people but also on forest officials. Twenty-one Forest Department officials have also died. It is said that 10 to 12 people were killed by tigers in a village during the lockdown. & Nbsp;

There are many villages in the area where every household has a widow. Pradip Chatterjee, head of the Dakshinbanga Matsya Beej Forum, says that so far about 3,000 women have been widowed due to man-eating tigers in the area. Shane Chatterjee, clerk at the Kharada Main Welfare Society, says the government has taken steps to help these widows survive.

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