West Bengal Election Furfura Sharif pirzada abbas siddiqui Politics

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West Bengal Election Furfura Sharif pirzada abbas siddiqui Politics

West Bengal Election: The Furfura Sharif Dargah, a legacy of four and a half centuries of Sufi saints, has shaken up the politics of Bengal.

For the first time in Bengal politics, Furfura Sharif’s Peerzada entered the fray. Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui announced his party ahead of the by-elections. But the real twist came when Abbas Siddiqui joined hands with the Left and the Congress to form the Indian Secular Front ISF.

Located 40 km from Kolkata, Furfura Sharif has an impact not only in West Bengal but also in parts of Assam. The name of Furfura Sharif has prominently appeared on the political map of Bengal as the Peerzads of the same Dargah where the big leaders come to ask for their vows have directly participated in the elections.

The minority voters in West Bengal do not agree with the BJP’s pro-Hindu ideology. So he was looking for his political place in Mamata. But Abbas Siddiqui claimed that he would give rights to Muslims through the secular front. As a result, Mamata Banerjee’s electorate is divided. Asaduddin Owaisi backed Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui. That is why TMC accuses Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui of being the B team of the Congress.

Mamata Didi, on the other hand, takes the vote of Muslims. But Siddiqui claims that he is not doing his job. Peerzada Abbas, who once stood with Mamata in the Singur and Nandigram agitation, is now bombarding Mamata.

Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui’s political entry was opposed by his family members. Peerzada Khowa Siddiqui of Furfura, a philosopher of the peaceful Sufi tradition, has expressed displeasure over Putna’s political entry. He says that those who practice religion should not do politics. Abbas Siddiqui’s uncle Khowa Siddiqui supports Mamata. But Abbas Siddiqui is adamant.

People do not turn their backs on Furfura Sharif’s Dargah when they go out after bowing their heads. It is customary to walk upside down. Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui has decided to enter politics. Therefore, it will be clear after the counting of votes in the polling booths on May 2 whether his political journey is going in the opposite direction or he is going to be the kingmaker of Bengal.

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