west bengal election 2021 fourth phase of election campaign start from now amit shah mamta banerjee

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west bengal election 2021 fourth phase of election campaign start from now amit shah mamta banerjee

Kolkata: West BengalThe Assembly elections are currently in full swing. Similarly, all parties are campaigning to get the fourth phase voters on their side. Many great leaders will also be participating in the campaign. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will hold road shows at various places today to show the strength of the party and win over the voters. Also, Mamata Banerjee will address three campaign rallies today. Voters for 44 seats in the fourth phase will go to the polls on April 10.

The fourth stage is important

It is believed that in the fourth phase of the election campaign, each party will be seen trying hard. West Bengal electionsThe fourth stage is considered very important. Because at this stage, the reputation of many great leaders is going to be tarnished.

For the fourth phase of the campaign, the BJP will try to attract more celebrities as well as veterans to the campaign rallies. Mamata Banerjee from TMC is seen promoting herself. Also, many veterans from the Congress and the Left are campaigning.

77.68 per cent turnout in the third phase

West BengalIn the third phase, there was violence in some places. Voters showed enthusiasm in the polls held on Tuesday. The TMC and the BJP, the ruling party in the state, accused each other of violence. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the voters remained. According to ANI, West Bengal recorded 77.68 per cent turnout.

When is the election?

Meanwhile, polling will be held in eight phases in the state. The voting process has been completed in three phases. Voting for the fourth phase will take place on April 10. Voting will take place on April 17 for 45 seats in the fifth phase, on April 22 for 43 seats in the sixth phase, on April 26 for 36 seats in the seventh phase and on April 29 for 35 seats in the eighth final phase. Also, the results of the elections in five states will be declared on May 2.

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