Weight Loss Tips: 10 easy ways to lose weight to reduce obesity, trying it will reduce belly fat quickly; will get great shape

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Weight Loss Tips

10 easy ways to lose weight to reduce obesity, trying it will reduce belly fat quickly; will get great shape

Lifestyle has changed a lot in the 20th and especially in the 21st century. Most of the people have become obese due to the lockdown caused by Kovid. Therefore, now governments and health experts have emphasized on weight loss for overweight people. Weight gain is bound to happen in the lifestyle we follow at present. As you know, inactives, cocktails, alcohol and fast food are the root of obesity. Preventing obesity requires a lot of dedication and consistency. But it is not as difficult a task as some people think it to be. In this article, we are telling you some tips by following which you can prevent yourself from being overweight.

Have a heavy Breakfast

It is not only easy to say but also easy to do. Have such a breakfast every morning that you will be satisfied after doing it for a long time. This habit will tell you to eat some unhealthy snacks in between and will not feel hungry soon. But keep in mind that your breakfast should be healthy, not fried and processed food.

Measure your own weight daily

If you are on the journey of losing weight, then you must have a specific goal in your mind. Check your weight regularly and see if you are close to your goal. This habit will help you to increase your diet and exercise. By measuring weight, you will also get an idea of ​​your BMI score. A healthy BMI for both men and women is between 18.5 – 24.9.

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Count Calories

In addition to doing everything else, include counting calories in your routine. Since calories are related to weight loss. Through calorie counting, you will get a clear picture of the changes to be made in your diet and workout regimen.

Eat more fiber food

Foods like potatoes, high-fiber foods, nuts and eggs are stomach-filling. Consuming them reduces your frequent hunger. Also, with this type of food, you avoid eating unhealthy food again and again. Also, include good fats i.e. fatty foods like nuts and seeds in the diet. Eliminate processed food from your diet.


Exercising helps you burn calories, and is the most important aspect of a weight loss plan. Even if you consume a high amount of calories, your weight can still be under control, but you have to burn it efficiently.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of overweight and obesity. It is also a fun and easy way to lose weight because any physical activity such as dancing, running, yoga, weight training and even walking is effective.

Rest is also necessary

Stress releases cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Cortisol causes an increase in appetite, which makes you eat more. So to de-stress, take some rest, indulge in fun activities, practice deep breathing or do meditation.

Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep releases hormones that keep your appetite under control. On the other hand, lack of sleep will leave your body feeling tired and in need of energy through food. Therefore, sleep can help you control your desire to eat and control weight gain.

Consume Less Sugar

Sugar is everywhere! We add it to our beverages, desserts and it is also present in many packaged foods. Sugar does not provide any nutritional benefit and it increases the sugar level, which leads to weight gain. Therefore, limit the consumption of sugar and replace it with healthier alternatives. Now that you know about the best ways to deal with overweight, let’s look at the diet plan.

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Limit Processed Food

Processed food items like cereals, breads and packaged snacks are a cause of rage that have become a part of our daily diet. The first reason for this is that these food items are convenient and affordable for everyone and they also taste good. But these foods are refined, contain harmful ingredients and lack the required amount of nutrients. Consuming more of them increases calories, which is a factor in weight gain. So take them in limit.

Diet Plan

Follow this simple diet plan to lose or lose some weight. It is a healthy and complete diet that will keep you fit and prevent weight problems.

Warm water with lemon and ginger in the morning (1 glass)

2 soaked walnuts and 2 figs

Breakfast: 1 bowl oats porridge brown bread corn sandwich – take 1 sandwich and half a cup of toned milk. Apart from this, you can take vegetable poha with sprouts. You can also take fruit diet for breakfast. In this, half a cup of pomegranate or 2 kiwis and any herbal tea.

Lunch: Cucumber and radish salad (1 bowl), steamed brown rice (1 cup) or quinoa khichdi (1 cup), rajma masala or red gram dal (1 cup) can be taken.

Evening Snack: Roasted makhana (1 cup) and cumin water (1 glass)

Dinner: Methi ki roti – 1 roti with grilled fish/chicken (1 steak), cauliflower with curry or lentils, 1 multigrain chapati with lentils or green vegetables (1 cup)

Note: Avoid sweets, sugary drinks, high salt, fried foods, refined flour, white bread, soft drinks, junk food and red meat. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day.Engage in physical activity for about an hour.

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