wedding ceremony: Doolha nikla majdoor

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wedding ceremony: Doolha nikla majdoor


  • Seeing himself surrounded, relatives fled from the spot
  • The groom had told the groom on a good position in the army
  • People handed over the groom and his brother to the police

The forgery has come to the fore in the marriage season in Kundarki, Moradabad. The bridegroom, who arrived with a procession, turned out to be a laborer, while before marriage, he had described himself as an officer of a good rank in the army. Seeing himself surrounded, the relatives of the groom fled, while the people caught the groom and his elder brother and handed them over to the police.

The case is of Bhurji Wali Gali, the main market of Kundarki town. A few months ago, after reading the details of Sandeep Upadhyay resident Vasundhara Brasam Mathura Road District Hathras in a matrimonial booklet of the society, the matter of marriage was moved forward, expressing faith in him. On behalf of the groom’s side, the groom was told the post of SDO in the Indian Army.

Three days ago, the bride’s side gave four wheels, cash, jewellery, precious clothes, as a proper gift to the bride’s side in the marriage. The procession was to come on 22 November by consensus. Late in the night around 11 o’clock, the groom Sandeep reached with a limited number of relatives. Some people associated with Kundarki Nagar were astonished to see his gesture and his behavior.

When some people questioned the groom about his personal matter, everything turned out to be fake. By giving undue comfort to the bride’s side, her cash and other gifts were confiscated. Sensing the intention of the groom, people caught hold of him and took him hostage. After which the dispute increased instead of the shehnai in the pavilion. At the same time, the relatives who came with the groom became furious. On Tuesday morning, the accused groom was caught and handed over to the police.

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The groom got married two years ago
The caught fake groom Sandeep has revealed many secrets in the police interrogation. He told that all the details are false. He is not in any position, while he is currently living as a laborer with his mother in a rented house in Saket Colony, District Hathras. The groom’s elder brother Devendra alias Pintu told that the accused groom was married to a girl from Kanpur two years ago.

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Accused groom Sandeep had done court marriage after driving the girl away, but she left Sandeep and left. The groom’s side was trying to secretly make rounds without printing the card.


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