vladimir putin: US is teasing Russia by flying B-2 bomber in Europe, what will Vladimir Putin do now

vladimir putin: US is teasing Russia by flying B-2 bomber in Europe, what will Vladimir Putin do now

Tensions between Russia and the United States have started rising since Joe Biden became president. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin also met in Geneva to reduce tensions between the two countries. But, this meeting, known as the US-Russia summit, is not showing any result. Meanwhile, America has also started aggressive military activities to tease Russia. Recently, the US Air Force’s B-2 bomber has irritated Russia while flying over European countries.

America flying deadly B-2 bomber in Europe
The US mission for the military organization NATO has posted a photo of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber on its Twitter account. This photo shows a deadly B-2 bomber flying alongside US Air Force F-15s and the Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon during a training mission. Tweeting the image, the US mission wrote that “Missions like these help reduce security risks within the European theater and build relationships with our NATO allies.

China Russia Military Drills: China-Russia came closer against America, showing power to the world by performing maneuvers
US sent friendly reminder to Putin?
Kevin Baron, editor of the Defense One website, told The Express that through this photo the US is sending a friendly reminder to Vladimir Putin that its B-2 bombers are standing at Russia’s doorstep. Just a few months ago, a senior military official who appeared before the US Congressional Security Affairs Committee said that both Russia and China are becoming a major threat to the US and its allies.

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America and Russia are entangled in Norway
The US and Russia have been entangled in Norway in an attempt to establish a monarchy in Europe. In March this year, when the US deployed nuclear bombers B-1 in Norway, Russia had deployed its missile cruiser in front of it. America and Russia are already ready to kill for the sovereignty in the Baltic Sea. Now this battlefield has expanded to Barrant C. Russia’s missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov is patrolling the Barents Sea with several lethal missiles.

America’s B-1 nuclear bomber reached Norway, then Russia sent a missile cruiser warship
Biden increasing the influence of the US military in Europe
As soon as Joe Biden became the President of America, Trump overturned the order in which the US army stationed in Germany was asked to be withdrawn. Apart from Norway and Germany, US forces are also present in Greenland. In such a situation, Russia is afraid that whether America is planning to reduce its influence in Europe and siege through this trick. Because, during Trump’s tenure, the US military had tried hard to make its entry in the Baltic Sea. However, his attempt could not be successful due to the alertness of Russia.

American B-2 can carry 16 nuclear warheads
B-2 Spirit is considered to be the deadliest bomber in the world. This bomber can simultaneously carry 16 B61-7 nuclear warheads. Recently, the B61-12 nuclear bombs have been added to its fleet with extremely lethal and precise strikes. Not only this, it easily enters its territory by dodging the enemy’s air defense. One thousand kg conventional bombs can also be deployed on this bomber. It is considered the most effective bomber to attack enemy land.

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