Viral Photos International Space Station Shares Stunning Photos of Aurora Australis From Space

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Viral Photos International Space Station Shares Stunning Photos of Aurora Australis From Space


  • Amazing view of colored lights in space
  • International Space Station shared photos
  • Smoke of colored lights showing around the earth

Imagine you sleep and when you wake up you find yourself outside the earth somewhere in space, just above the Indian Ocean. All around you can see colorful lights waving, in which green, red, white, yellow and many more colors are mixed. Seeing this sight, it seems as if someone has let loose the rainbow. For a moment you may think this is a dream but it is a real sight visible from the International Space Station over the Indian Ocean as it passes the beat of Asia and Antarctica.

thin line light
This light is called Aurora Australis or Southern Light. It is formed due to the Earth’s magnetic shield and solar winds. The International Space Station has shared pictures of this amazing sight on its official Instagram handle. The first picture shows the solar panels of the ISS on the left, in front of which the magnetic light can be seen. The green light is visible as thin lines.

How is colored light made?
These lines seem to be emanating from the surface of the Earth and disappear into space. These lines are actually charged particles coming from the Sun that rain down on the Earth’s atmosphere. These colors are produced by the interaction of charged particles with the Earth’s magnetic field.

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green and red rainbow
The second photo shows a less curved rainbow whose initial colors are green and red. Smoke made from colored lights is seen in the third picture. The edge of the aurora can be seen in the last picture where the light appears to dissolve and disappear.

Why is the sky of the poles bathed in the rain of colored lights?

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