viral letter on social media: Viral letter on social media shared by harsh goenka

viral letter on social media: Viral letter on social media shared by harsh goenka


  • Work from home has become a new normal during the Corona period.
  • Many people have adjusted themselves with it, while some people are not able to adjust with it.
  • One such woman has written a letter to Harsh Goenka, complaining that her husband should start work from office.

New Delhi
Women Angry On Husband’s Work From Home: Industrialist Harsh Goenka is in discussion about his tweets. On Thursday, he made such a tweet, to which people are reacting fiercely. According to media reports, in this post, Harsh has shared the letter of the wife of one of his employees. Along with the caption it is written – How do I answer this, I do not know.

What is written in the letter?

In this letter, the employee’s wife has written to Harsh – “Dear Sir, I am the wife of one of your employees. I appeal to you to kindly start work from office now. She (husband) should take both the doses of Kovid vaccine. We have done and follow the covid protocol completely. If work from home continues then our marriage will break after sometime. He drinks coffee ten times a day, lives in different rooms and everything is in turmoil Besides, he constantly asks for food. I have seen him sleeping during work calls. I already have two kids, which I have to take care of. Please help me.”

See how people are reacting to this tweet. Some people are taking the side of the woman and some are with the man.

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A user quipped and said that check if Manoj is not too much work that he is drinking so much coffee, while ask the woman that if she does not take care of her husband then who will?

One user has written that men work for 8-12 hours, but women’s work is double shift. They have to do all the household chores including cooking, washing and pressing clothes, feeding, educating and bathing the children.

Agreeing with Manoj’s wife, a user has written that since the lockdown and work from home has started, most of the working women complain that they are not able to do their jobs from home.

However, a user has alleged that the letter posted by Harsh Goenka on social media has been circulating on Twitter for a long time. They just copy pasted.

Stay in the discussion about your tweets
Harsh Goenka often remains in the discussion about his tweets. Some time back, he had commented on the mask while sharing a picture of Kumbh Mela, after which people started talking about boycotting the tires of the CEAT company. In the tweet, he made derogatory remarks about the crowd of sadhus and masks. He compared nappies to masks. Seeing his tweet, it went viral on social media and later it was found that the picture he had tweeted stating that the Haridwar Kumbh was just now was a picture of the 2013 Allahabad Kumbh. After this, Harsh Goenka and his group tire brand CEAT received a lot of abuse on social media.

Some time ago also there was an allegation of insulting Hindus.
This is not the first time that Harsh Goenka has been accused of hurting the sentiments of the people of Hindu religion. In March, he made a similar remark about Lord Shiva. He had shared a joke about Lord Shiva and alcohol.

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