Viral Gorilla image on instagram: Viral Gorilla From Selfie Dies In Arms Of Caretaker:

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Viral Gorilla image on instagram: Viral Gorilla From Selfie Dies In Arms Of Caretaker:

In the year 2019, a mountain guerrilla became very famous when the selfie taken with his caretaker went viral on social media. The swagger of this guerrilla was being made on sight and people had given it a lot of love. However, after suffering a prolonged illness about a month ago, the guerrilla succumbed to his caretaker’s lap. This guerrilla had been living in this Virunga National Park in Congo for 10 years.

was found in 2007
Dakasi was 14 years old. This sad information was given by National Park. Dakasi was an orphan and was living at the Sanquequa Center in the park. He died in the lap of Andre Bauma, who had become a friend with the caretaker. Dakasi was only two months old when the Virunga Rangers saw her clinging to her dead mother in 2007. She was brought to the rescue center in Goma where she met Bauma. After this, Bauma was his caretaker for 10 years.

stayed in a special center
Park said that Bauma sat on the guerrilla’s child throughout the night to keep him warm and comfortable. Dakasi was brought back to the park instead of being released into the wild. The orphaned hill guerrillas live here and it is the only one of its kind in the world. She spent her whole life peacefully with her caretakers and companions. Many documentaries and projects were done on it.

Viral Selfie

Viral Selfie

Selfie made famous
She became most famous when her picture with Bauma and another guerrilla went viral on social media in 2019. This selfie was shared on the occasion of Earth Day. Bauma says that he is lucky to have the opportunity to take care of Dakasi. He says that his friendship with Dacassi gave him an understanding of the friendship between humans and the Great Apes.

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He recalls, “I loved him like a child and his cheerfulness brought a smile to my face. We will miss him a lot but we are grateful that Dakasi brought so much happiness in our lives.’

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