Vidhshdh Dastan: when sharad pawar won seat

Vidhshdh Dastan: when sharad pawar won seat

The matter is from the year 1966-67. Then Sharad Pawar must have been 26 years old, President of Maharashtra Youth Congress. At that time assembly elections were also going to be held in the state. Pawar also had a desire to reach the assembly, but among many veteran leaders in Maharashtra’s politics, he did not see any hope of getting a ticket at such a young age. Therefore, he was seen better only to silence him. Tell us a game of luck that once the then state Congress president Vinayak Rao Patil asked him – Sharad why don’t you apply for the ticket from Baramati seat? When the state president is asking such a question, there was no reason for Sharad Pawar not to apply. But as soon as he applied, the opposition within the party surfaced. It was said that ‘I am only 26 years old now, why ticket to her, the party already has many senior leaders for that seat and they should be given priority. Giving them a ticket means losing the seat. In the meeting of the State Parliamentary Board to decide the names of the candidates, it was also said that Sharad Pawar will not be able to win this seat. In the meeting, when it was almost decided that Sharad Pawar’s application was being rejected, YB Chavan asked a question – how many seats are we hoping to win from Maharashtra? Everyone said around 200. Chavan said that it means we are losing 70 seats (there were total 270 seats). The answer came – roughly this estimate is correct. After hearing this, Chavan said that if we are losing 70 seats, what will be the difference if we lose 71 seats there? Give a ticket to Sharad, you will lose. What was it then, Sharad Pawar’s ticket became ‘OK’. In the seat where he was expected to lose, he won the election by a huge margin. He got 63 per cent of the vote and his nearest rival just 32 per cent. That election, in a way, proved to be the turning point in Maharashtra politics for Sharad Pawar. He did not turn around after that.

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Chandrasekhar was getting a ticket

If anyone has the credit for defeating Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister, then only Rajnaran. This was an election that was held in 1977 after the Emergency. For this election, the leaders of the jailed opposition in the Emergency had gathered and formed the Janata Party. By the way, Rajnarayan had also contested against Indira Gandhi in 1971 from Rae Bareli, but lost then. After losing, he filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court. On her petition, the election of Indira Gandhi was canceled. It was only after that that it became compulsion for Indira Gandhi to implement Emergency in the country. When the elections were announced in 1977, it was difficult to decide who was the candidate against Indira Gandhi within the Janata Party. The top leaders of the party were of the opinion that there could be no better candidate than Chandrashekhar, but he was not agreeing to contest against Indira Gandhi. When the pressure was increased on him, he bluntly announced that it might not be that he would contest, but would not contest against Indira Gandhi. Chandrasekhar argued that he did not want to get caught up in the politics of personal opposition, but some leaders have believed that it was a conspiracy against Chandrasekhar. Regardless of the resentment between the Congress and Indira Gandhi at that time about the Emergency, the Janata Party leaders were not sure that Indira Gandhi could be defeated. Because of this, the anti-Chandrashekhar lobby had the strength to contest elections against Indira Gandhi. Then, when Chandrashekhar did not agree, Rajnarayan was once again persuaded to contest the election in view of the pressure on any other big leader to contest against Indira Gandhi. Rajnarayan has been considered among those leaders who were ready to take any risk at any time. He again agreed to enter the political arena against Indira Gandhi. And the person who takes the risk also creates history, the same thing happened with Rajnarayan.

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Lunch for protesters

This is the story of UP. Mulayam Singh Yadav was the Chief Minister. He has been known to have a cordial relationship with most of the opposition leaders. It is famous about him that even though he would ignore the recommendation of the leaders of his party, he never rejected the recommendation of the leaders of the opposition. This ‘opposition love’ of his once became an embarrassment for the BJP. It has happened that a BJP MLA was beaten up by the police, in which he suffered a lot of injuries. The BJP decided to make it a big issue against the Mulayam government. It was decided that all the BJP MLAs and other leaders would protest at the CM residence regarding the injured MLA. The same thing happened, but as soon as Mulayam Singh Yadav came to know that there was a gathering of BJP MLAs outside his residence, he called everyone inside and then insisted that everyone will have to go after lunch. In the next day’s newspapers, what were the photographs of BJP MLAs eating rasgulla inside the CM residence, the party got scolded in the political circles. This also gave the Congress and the BSP a chance to surround the BJP. And due to this one incident, the BJP lost its edge as the opposition in the then Mulayam government.

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