Uttar Pradesh And Uttarakhand Resolve Asset Disputes Know Its Political Implications What are the political advantages and disadvantages? get the whole point

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Uttar Pradesh And Uttarakhand Resolve Asset Disputes Know Its Political Implications What are the political advantages and disadvantages? get the whole point

Whenever the Uttarakhand elections are near, it is claimed by the government that the dispute over sharing of its assets with UP has been resolved. After the separation from UP in the year 2000, there was to be a division of properties between the two states. Well, this partition was not as difficult as it turned out to be. The division was easy because the nature of distribution of assets and transactions is fixed in the UP Reorganization Act. The principle of ‘where is and as is’ is applicable to the division. It could not be implemented properly because the political will needed for this was not yet seen. Recently, after the meeting of the Chief Ministers of Uttarakhand and UP in Lucknow, the claim of resolving the 21-year-old property dispute has once again been made. The BJP is projecting this as a major achievement in Uttarakhand, but with the number of buts and buts involved with the government’s claim, it is difficult to believe that the dispute has really been resolved.

Uttarakhand had inherited debt
However, a big question is why such a claim is made before every election. To understand this, first let us have a look at the background related to this controversy. When Uttarakhand came into the form of a state after separating from UP, this nascent state had inherited a debt of about two and a half thousand crore rupees from UP. Now that this state has become 21 years old, then this debt has increased to more than 75 thousand crores. Uttarakhand’s assets worth more than one and a half lakh crores are said to be in the part of UP even today. About seven hundred hectares of land where the Haridwar Kumbh Mela is held is owned by the UP Irrigation Department.

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Dam in Uttarakhand, water of UP
About 13,000 hectares of land and 4000 buildings of the Irrigation Department of Uttarakhand are still in the part of UP. The assets of the Transport Department worth Rs 5000 crore are also not coming in the hands of Uttarakhand. The ownership of Tehri Dam also remains with UP. Altogether, the land, buildings and properties of 11 departments are still in the possession of UP. One such contradiction is seen, in which the water of the dams in Uttarakhand is owned by UP.

Many questions not answered
On November 18, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami met UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and after that both the Chief Ministers claimed that the dispute over sharing of assets between the two states would be resolved. Both the party and the government in the state are calling this achievement historic. The claim is that the dispute which could not be resolved for 21 years was resolved in a day by going to Lucknow. But many questions remain unanswered. As claimed by the government, UP has given permission to Uttarakhand for tourism and water sports in Dhaura, Baigul, Nanak Sagar reservoir located in Udham Singh Nagar. At this point, the question arises that if the asset dispute is resolved, then why did Uttarakhand need to seek permission for tourism and water sports in its own water bodies? Why is it being claimed that permission for water sports in the Upper Ganges canal has been obtained from UP as well?

It was decided to conduct a joint survey for 5700 hectares of land and 1700 houses of the Irrigation Department. Now that the survey is about to be conducted, how can it be said that the issue has been resolved. How to believe that Uttarakhand will get this property after the survey. However, this property should come in the part of Uttarakhand itself. There is also a claim regarding resolving the Hotel Alaknanda dispute in Haridwar. By the way, this claim was also made by former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat during his tenure. The truth is that instead of giving up the claim on the hotel, the Uttarakhand government has given land adjacent to the hotel to UP, on which UP is building its hotel. In Badrinath also, the Trivendra government has given land to UP to build a UP guest house.

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What are political pros and cons
BJP is under pressure due to change of two chief ministers in Uttarakhand in a month. Congress is making it a big issue. Pushkar Singh Dhami, who became the Chief Minister in the month of July, wants to show a big achievement in his account before going to the election fray. He feels that if the credit for resolving the 21-year-old dispute goes to him, then it will not only help in garnering votes but will also prove his administrative acumen. Both the BJP and the government have started campaigning widely, calling it an achievement. On the other hand, the opposition wants to prove that BJP has no issue to take to the public, so it is creating an issue which is far from reality. The opposition is demanding to bring a white paper on the agreement reached to resolve the dispute between UP-Uttarakhand. He alleges that Uttarakhand surrendered to UP. Opposition leaders feel that the formation of Uttarakhand state is linked to the sentiments of the local people. They will not accept the matter of surrender before UP. They can take advantage of that.

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