US Pentagon Report Says China Might Have One Thousand Nuclear Missiles Till 2030 As Rapidly Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal

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US Pentagon Report Says China Might Have One Thousand Nuclear Missiles Till 2030 As Rapidly Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that China was rapidly increasing its nuclear weapons. It is estimated that it could achieve the target of 1000 nuclear weapons by 2030, which is part of China’s ambitious military build-up. Recent estimates show a dramatic increase in China’s weapons stockpile. Previous reports had estimated that by the end of the decade, China’s weapons count could reach close to 400. The US has 3,750 weapons and is not currently considering increasing it.

The Pentagon warned in a congressional report referring to the People’s Republic of China that the PRC aims to modernize and expand its nuclear weapons for the next decade. The report said the PRC is investing in and expanding a number of land, sea and air-based nuclear delivery platforms. At the same time it is building the necessary infrastructure to support this massive expansion of nuclear forces.
Chinese dragon is gathering the impenetrable power of nuclear bombs, a big threat to India and America, see pictures
Russia and America have the bulk of nuclear weapons
The report warns that China has begun construction of at least three intercontinental ballistic missile silos. Even though China is rapidly increasing its arsenal, but its stock is still very small ahead of Russia and America. The US and Russia have a large share of the world’s nuclear weapons. The US had earlier called on China to join a new arms control treaty, which also includes Russia.
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China’s aggressive attitude towards Taiwan is worrying
The report also expressed concern over Beijing’s increasingly aggressive attitude towards Taiwan. The Pentagon report says, “While the PRC advocates peaceful integration with Taiwan to the world, the PRC has never abandoned the use of military force.” The growing military power of China has blown America’s sleep. The US Navy has said that the rapid development and modernization of China’s military is shocking and the word shocked is too short for it.

China nuclear weapons

China’s nuclear weapons (file photo)

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