US identifies 3,900 children separated from parents at border during Trump administration

US identifies 3,900 children separated from parents at border during Trump administration

San Diego (USA), Jun 9 (AP) US President Joe Biden’s administration on Tuesday said it has closed the US-Mexico border as part of former President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance policy” of crossing the border illegally. More than 3,900 children separated from their parents have been identified.

This information provided by the Biden administration gives yet another detail of a chapter in US immigration history that was widely condemned.

The Biden administration’s Family Reunification Taskforce counts 3,913 children separated from parents from July 1, 2017 until the end of Trump’s presidency, 5,500 children identified by the American Civil Liberties Union in court filings based on government information. much less than the number.

The task force said it had identified “nearly” all children separated from parents under a “zero tolerance” policy but would review another 1,723 cases from July, bringing the total number of cases to 5,636, the ACLU’s tally. The numbers will get closer.

The discrepancy is largely due to a San Diego federal court ruling that excluded 1,723 children who were separated for reasons other than Trump’s no-tolerance policy.

The task force will also seek to determine whether these children were separated in the first six months of Trump’s term, starting in January 2017, a deadline that was outside the range of the ACLU’s litigation. This may increase the final number further.

Of these 3,913 children, 1,786 were reunited with their parents, most of them during Trump’s tenure, while the parents of 1,695 were contacted and 391 remained untraceable. The children of most of the parents contacted were assigned to other family members.

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