up election news in hindi: up me chunav se pahle voter list me badi gadbadi aayi samne

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up election news in hindi: up me chunav se pahle voter list me badi gadbadi aayi samne


  • During the brief revision of the voter list, confusion is coming to the fore
  • In Meerut, a case of a woman getting ten votes in a single list came to light.
  • In Muzaffarnagar, those who got their names cut off by showing them shifted, they met at their home
  • DM has assured action after taking cognizance of the cases

Shadab Rizvi, Meerut
The confusion is coming to the fore during the brief revision of the electoral rolls before the 2022 elections. In the voter list of Muzaffarnagar, alive people have been shown as dead. There Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has complained to the Chief Election Commissioner and demanded action. In Meerut, a case of a woman getting ten votes in a single list has come to the fore. BJP has demanded action from Meerut DM.

The dead shown as alive in the voter list
The office bearers of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Muzaffarnagar demonstrated at the DM’s office, alleging that during the revision, their votes were cut off by showing alive people as dead in the voter list. A memorandum was sent to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding action against the government machinery doing this. According to Qari Zakir Hussain Qasmi, the work of making votes, correction and cutting is going on from November 1 to 30. Our organization is cooperating all over the state. During the preparation of votes, the fact came to the fore that by presenting a false report about hundreds of people, people either showed shift in the voter list or got their votes cut by showing dead people as alive.

Those who were shown shifted met them at their homes.

Qasmi accused the city’s Azad High School of giving false reports about more than 200 voters in 219 and part 59 of Azad High School. He said that in part number 61, eight such forms were found in which the voters concerned were shown as dead despite being alive. When the Jamiat activists took the survey along with the BLOs, most of them were found at homes which were shown as shifted. It is alleged that Mohammad Farooq Qasmi, Ejaz Ghafir, Riyaz and Husn Jahan etc. were shown dead in the voter list despite being alive. A list of 25 such people has been sent by Jamiat to the Chief Election Commission.

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10 votes of a woman in the voter list
On the other hand, section number 2 of Meerut Cantt assembly booth number 264, South End Road, Bhusa Mandi, at the same address, has 10 places with Dilkash’s name and photo registration number. That is, the woman’s address and photo are the same, but the votes are ten. It is clear that how did the woman fill 10 forms to get votes? Actually, to become a voter, Form 6 is filled, which is verified by the BLO at the initial level. Verifies whether the applicant resides there or not by visiting the given address…the documents are checked at several levels. In such a situation, the name and photo of the same woman in 10 places in the voter list is astonishing. DM has ordered an inquiry. The family of the woman who is named in the 10th place in the voter list also says that there should be an inquiry.

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