United for financial inclusion: new alliance between Asomif, Fepcmac and Asbanc | News

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United for financial inclusion: new alliance between Asomif, Fepcmac and Asbanc | News

In order to continue promoting the financial inclusion of the vulnerable population and SMEs at the national level, the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Peru (Asomif), the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (Fepcmac) and the Association of Banks of Peru (Asbanc) formed the alliance “United for Financial Inclusion”, reported the banking union.

This initiative seeks to develop projects that contribute to the insertion of thousands of Peruvians, as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to the formal financial sector, he said.

Similarly, the unions of banks, finance companies and savings banks in Peru will propose a common agenda that supports economic reactivation as part of the effort being made by the Government for the social inclusion of all Peruvians, he said.

During an event held by Asomif, Fepcmac and the Association of Banks of Peru, the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, highlighted this commitment on the part of the financial sector unions.

“From the sector that I have to lead, I salute the effort of financial institutions to work together for the country for the benefit of the financial inclusion of more Peruvians,” he noted.

In line with this central commitment, the presidents of the aforementioned unions will continue to support the Government in the payment of the covid solidarity bonds and social bonds through digital wallets and accounts of financial entities, Asbanc noted.

Regarding this, the president of Fepcmac, Fernando Ruiz Caro, highlighted the need to promote the bankarization of social programs, as this will promote greater financial inclusion. “The participation of municipal savings banks in the delivery of the Yanapay voucher has contributed to reaching remote locations, which do not have the same banking offer as large cities,” he said.

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Likewise, the unions will report on the experience of articulated work and will share this experience in other critical areas in which financial entities could have a role that facilitates the safety and well-being of citizens, Asbanc said.

In this regard, the president of Asomif, Jorge Delgado, indicated “that it is important that the private sector can be part of the discussion tables on inclusion policies, as well as being participants in the Strategic Plan for Financial Inclusion, which the Government has been promoting ”.

Asbanc stressed that financial inclusion must be promoted from institutions, infrastructure, the implementation of various instruments such as digital wallets, through financial education.

“As for the institutions, it is necessary to know the role of public banks and improve financial stability standards. Likewise, public and private investment in infrastructure constitutes a very powerful instrument, since the better the roads, water networks, energy, telephony or connectivity, the better the financial inclusion, since this infrastructure is necessary for the services and agents financial institutions can operate smoothly and with lower costs in the most remote areas of the country ”, highlighted the president of Asbanc, Martín Naranjo.

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Published: 9/27/2021

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