unicef ​​report school education covid pandemic: corona effect

unicef ​​report school education covid pandemic: corona effect

In this era of Corona crisis, the most impact has been on the education of children. Due to the epidemic, schooling has been affected for a long time, due to which there is a significant impact on children’s schooling, mental health and outdoor activity. According to UNICEF, about 75 lakh children in Bihar are facing learning loss. Of these, only 36.5 per cent have internet access. 3.5 percent have computer facilities. At the same time, about 3 percent or 7 lakh children are not expected to return to school when the school opens.

UNICEF presented shocking figures
According to UNICEF data, about 5.49% of girls and 0.26% of boys among adolescents in the age group of 14 to 18 years are likely to drop out of school. These data were shared by UNICEF monitoring and evaluation expert Prasanna Ash and education expert Pramila Manoharan in an online meeting with the education department on Sunday. The meeting was organized to discuss, strategize and resolve the learning potential of children in Bihar in the wake of the Kovid epidemic and continued lockdown.

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Corona crisis has a bad effect on children’s education
UNICEF also shared data from a study conducted by the Azim Premji Foundation on the loss of learning ability of children during an epidemic in the country. The study was conducted for classes 1 to 6 in January this year, which found that an average of 92 per cent of the children in all classrooms lost at least one particular language ability compared to the previous year. On an average, 82 per cent of children in all classes have lost a special mathematical ability compared to last year.

93 percent of households have cell phones, only 36.5 percent have internet
UNICEF officials also shared a data from the National Family Health Survey-5. It said that 93 per cent of the households have cell phones, only 36.5 per cent of the households have internet and only 3.5 per cent have computers. Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department Sanjay Kumar said that the state government is aware of the fact that most of the children in Bihar do not have internet. They find it difficult to join online classes and take advantage of e-resources.

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What did the Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar Education Department say
Sanjay Kumar said that we have requested the center to provide digital devices. There can be no better alternative for schools as they provide a complete eco-system for school education. Children need midday meal, interaction with teachers and friends and all other facilities for their learning and overall development. He also emphasized the need to develop a comprehensive road map for learning skills, taking into account the corona crisis lockdown and the third wave of epidemics.

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