Ucayali celebrates: region has not reported deaths from covid-19 for six weeks | News

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Ucayali celebrates: region has not reported deaths from covid-19 for six weeks | News

Ucayali has reason to celebrate. For six weeks this region has not reported deaths from covid-19, according to statistics that were confirmed by the head of the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa), Juan Carlos Salas.

Salas explained to the Andean Agency that This achievement is due to the advancement of vaccination against this disease in urban and marginal urban areas of Ucayali, which reaches a 60% averageSalas said. The reports indicate that since the third week of September there have been no deaths from covid-19 in Ucayali.

According to the Covid-19 Situation Room of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Ucayali registers 71 positive cases of covid-19 in the last 60 days and in the last week only one.
In mid-October the Minsa highlighted that Ucayali was one of the regions, along with Tumbes, Amazonas, Loreto and Moquegua, that did not register deaths by coronavirus.

“The current panorama in Ucaylai is very calm. We do not lower our guard and we have achieved this achievement with the support of local governments, with them we are making much progress in vaccination,” said Juan Carlos Salas.

In dialogue with him Andean program a day from Andina Online, the head of the Diresa Ucayali stressed that the advance in vaccination has contributed to the fact that there are currently no serious patients due to covid-19. “To date, only in the EsSalud hospital in Pucallpa there are three patients with covid-19, all with a mild diagnosis,” he stressed.

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He affirmed that the Diresa has developed a plan to protect the largest number of the population and thus reduce the risks of contagion. He specified that vaccination coverage in the elderly is around 80%; however, this rate decreases in other age groups.

In that sense, the regional official reported that this week the vaccination of those under 17 years of age began, the application of booster doses for health personnel and for those over 60 who have received their first two doses more than six months ago.

Salas also revealed that focused screening is also emphasized to prevent infections of the delta variant. “Between September and October we only have 20 cases of the delta variant, three of them were reported in Aguaytía and another three in Atalaya. In Aguaytía we implemented an epidemiological fence and intensified vaccination. In the event of any outbreak that arises, we quickly come to contain it”, added.

However, the Health Director regretted that the advance of vaccination in indigenous communities is slow. “To date, it has been possible to vaccinate between 15% and 16% of the indigenous population living in remote communities (about 20,000 people). What we want is to reach a greater number,” he said.

He stated that he is waiting for the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to approve the regional plan and assign a larger budget to reach the most remote native communities. “We have the support of the same communities that now no longer resist receiving the vaccine and some NGOs, but we need resources to cover the trip of the brigades and serve community agents,” he added.

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