Two parents facing first trial in college admissions scam

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Two parents facing first trial in college admissions scam

Mr Singer told investigators that although Betty played basketball in high school, she was not good enough to be admitted. So, according to the documents, Mr. Abdelaziz helped Mr. Singer put together a basketball profile that contained false honors to submit to USC.

Mr. Abdelaziz’s daughter was recruited as a basketball recruit in 2018 with the help of former USC senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel, the documents said. According to the documents, Mr. Abdelaziz later sent $300,000 to a foundation controlled by Mr. Singer.

A few months later, the document says, Mr. Singer began paying Dr. Heinel $20,000 a month in exchange for his assistance in recruiting Mr. Abdelaziz’s daughter and the children of Mr. Singer’s other clients.

Mr. Abdelaziz’s daughter never joined the USC basketball team. Dr. Heinel has pleaded not guilty to fraud and other charges and is due to go to trial in November along with three other former athletic officials.

The prosecutors’ case against Mr. Wilson also involved athletics.

According to prosecutors, Mr Wilson’s son played water polo, but not competitively enough. Mr Singer wrote a false athletic profile with Mr Wilson’s knowledge. According to court documents, after the son was admitted, prosecutors say, Wilson paid Singer $220,000, of which Singer sent $100,000 to the USC water polo team. The son withdrew from the team after one semester.

Later, prosecutors say, Mr. Wilson agreed to pay $1.5 million to secure places at Stanford and Harvard for his twin daughters. According to court documents, Mr. Singer, who was cooperating with law enforcement agents by this time, told Mr. Wilson that Stanford’s location would be via a sailing crew, but Betty was not to actually be sailing; Placement at Harvard would be through a “senior female administrator” who would choose a sport for her daughter.

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