Trump’s twitter account locked by the most powerful indian-origin woman

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Trump’s twitter account locked: The Capitol has been warming for the past few days. Former US President Donald Trump was reluctant to step down despite losing his presidency.

His supporters rallied around the Capitol in support of Trump. But in the end, Donald Trump stopped the protest and accepted the rate.



When Trump was protesting, social media officials objected to the many videos and photos he shared on social media. Trump’s Facebook account was previously locked. Then, after a 12-hour warning from Twitter, when Trump did not remove those violent videos from social media, Twitter officials decided to leave Trump’s Twitter account out of concern for the future. Even Trump’s Instagram account was suspended for 24 hours.

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It is learned that Vijay Gadde, a native of India, decided to completely shut down the Twitter account of the former US president. Vijaya Gadde, 45, is a lawyer by profession and heads legal policy, trust and security on Twitter. He told his Twitter handle that Trump’s Twitter account could lead to more violence in the future. Therefore, it was decided to discontinue it.

She has met US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office with CEO Jack Dorsey and was still there when Jack met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2018. In a photo released by Jack, she was standing holding the Dalai Lama’s hand. He is portrayed in the international media as the ‘most powerful social media executive of all time’.

After studying law at Cornell University and New York Law University, Vijay Mattress has worked for tech startups at Bay Area law firms for nearly a decade. Then he joined Twitter in 2011. Being a corporate advocate, he is responsible for Twitter’s policy and decision making.

InStyle magazine ranked her in the list of 50 women who are changing the world. She is also the founder of Investment Collective Company ‘Angels’. She has also claimed to run a campaign to ensure that women get equal pay in companies.

There will be no political campaigning on Twitter during the 2020 presidential election by taking money – it was his decision too. Twitter employees contact Jack instead of Jack to troubleshoot problems.

Let me tell you that Donald Trump’s supporters were already banned from Twitter and visited the ‘Parler’ app. Now Twitter, Facebook and Instagram suspended / blocked Donald Trump’s handles. When they went to ‘Parler’, Google removed that app from the Play Store. Apple also served notice. The Left is also campaigning to suspend Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle and is accusing him of many.

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