tropical storm caused heavy rain in america

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tropical storm caused heavy rain in america

New Orleans, June 19 (AP) Tropical Storm Cloudette hit the US Gulf Coast on Saturday morning, causing heavy rain and flooding in coastal states including Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said in an advisory that the storm struck 75 kilometers southwest of New Orleans, producing winds of 75 kilometers per hour. There are reports of waterlogging and vehicles getting stuck on the roads due to heavy rains.

Flooding has occurred in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and interior parts of central and northern Georgia.

Businesses on the Gulf Coast were expecting a large number of tourists to come to the Gulf as the easing of coronavirus restrictions and summer approaching, but the storm has weakened such possibilities.

According to the National Hurricane Center forecast, the storm moving north of the Gulf of Mexico is expected to reach hinterland by Saturday. Due to the storm, there is a possibility of rain up to 25 cm in parts of the Gulf Coast and up to 38 cm in some areas.

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