Tribal martyrs protect bedri village: Tribal martyrs protect bedri village of chhatarpur in madhya pradesh :

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Tribal martyrs protect bedri village: Tribal martyrs protect bedri village of chhatarpur in madhya pradesh :


  • The martyrs here protect the village of Bedri in Chhatarpur district
  • During the fight with the British, three tribals here had given martyrdom.
  • Villagers allege, administration forgot their martyrdom
  • Unhappy with the people coming for mining in this village

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Bedri, located in Chhatarpur district of MP (MP Latest News Update), is such a tribal village, which is protected by the souls of the martyrs. This village is about 35 km away from the headquarter. The villagers tell that our ancestors who were martyred while fighting the British in the village may have been lost in oblivion but their souls still protect the village.

The people of the village said that this is the reason that till date no one could do mining in the mountain present inside the village, while the district administration has given the lease of the mountain many times to the traders/leaders. Whoever tried to do mining in the mountain inside the village has suffered commercial and political losses. The people of the village say that the district administration has not given respect to our ancestors. His martyrdom is in oblivion. Their spirits protect our village even today.

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Was martyred while fighting the British
Parasaddi Adivasi and Pushpendra Singh, residents of the village, tell that about 100 years ago, the tribals living in the village had organized a Mahapanchayat due to the increasing rent of British rule in the village. Apart from the tribals of the village, other people of the village also participated in this Mahapanchayat. Only then the British came to know about this meeting. After which the British attacked the villagers. The villagers present in the meeting also turned against the British. Three villagers were killed in this fight. Also, around 50 villagers were injured.

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Administration forgot the martyrs
The people of the village tell that the administration forgot our ancestors who were martyred in the village. For some time a fair was held in the memory of the martyrs, but now that too has stopped. Now there is only one white platform in the name of honoring the martyrs.

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Protect the village even after martyrdom

Villagers say that even today the administration has forgotten the martyrdom of those martyrs, but the souls of our ancestors still protect our village, people, forest and land.

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Mining could not be done in the village
Former BJP Kisan Morcha District President Govind Singh says that 90 percent of the population in Bedri village is tribal. The daily routine of the people living here revolves around these forests and mountains. According to Govind Singh, the mountain present in the village has been leased many times so far. Many merchants and people with political clout got the opportunity to work for mining on the mountain. But after the accident, he withdrew.

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The people of the village are angry with the government and administration. Villagers say that the ancestors of the village who lost their lives while fighting the British. The government has not done anything for his honor till date. The government may have forgotten them but our ancestors still protect our village.

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