Tree Of 40 Gives Fruits Of 40 Kinds Planted By A Professor Through Grafting Process :

Tree Of 40 Gives Fruits Of 40 Kinds Planted By A Professor Through Grafting Process :

The law of nature is that a tree bears only one fruit. But at one place in the world this unbreakable law of nature has been broken. This tree bears 40 different types of fruits. Although it is a bit hard to believe but Professor Sam von Aiken has proved it to be true. Through grafting technique, the professor has been able to grow 40 varieties of fruits on a single tree. This tree has been named ‘Tree of 40’, in which many fruits like jujube, cherry, satlu, apricot are bearing fruit.

Surprised to see 200 trees in the garden
Vaughan says he started the Tree of 40 project in 2008. Vaughn, a professor of visual arts at Syracuse University in New York City, was once surprised to see 200 types of trees in a garden. This garden was very dirty due to lack of funds. Vaughan took it on lease for research. Many old species of trees were planted here. Vaughan started research with the help of grafting technique.

What is Grafting Technique?
After years of hard work, he grew such a tree in which only one tree bears 40 types of fruits. According to reports, Aiken has so far gifted 16 such plants and gifted them to museums, gardens and art exhibitions. Now the question is what is the grafting technique? Actually it is a technique of planting in which a branch of the tree along with the bud is cut and separated in winter. It is planted by making a hole in the main tree.

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The cost of a tree is about 19 lakhs
A special coating is applied at the place connecting the two, in which many types of nutrients are present. A bandage is tied at this place for the whole winter. The twig gradually attaches itself to the tree and begins to bear fruit. This technique itself is called grafting. Tree of 40 is a wonder and a very beautiful tree. By 2014, the professor had prepared 16 trees. This tree is as special as it is expensive. The cost of a tree of 40 is around Rs 19 lakh.

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