Traces of ‘giant’ sea creature like spaceship found in Canada, was the biggest predator of the earth

Traces of ‘giant’ sea creature like spaceship found in Canada, was the biggest predator of the earth

TorontoMillions of years ago, there was such a creature on earth, due to its peculiar shape, it was given the name ‘The Mothership’. It looked like a science-fiction spacecraft. This organism was flourishing in the tropical seas and preyed on the creatures living in the ocean floor. It is believed that at that time it was the largest predatory creature on earth. Scientists have told on Wednesday that the fossils of this terrible predator have been found in Canada.

Why was it huge?
Arthropods from the Cambrian period in Cootene National Park, Canada
gainesi The fossils have been found in a rock named Burgess Shale. Its length was 20 inches. Titanokorys means ‘Titanic Helmet’. Actually, the head of this creature was two-thirds of the length of the body. On the basis of other living beings of its time, it was considered as ‘Mahagiant’.

how tall was it?
Palaeontologist Jean-Bernard Caron of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto says that at that time most creatures were smaller than a human thumb nail. Accordingly, Titanokorys was longer than the arm of an adult human. Karen is the lead author of the study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

How was this creature?
Titanokorys had multifaceted eyes. Its mouth was round and triangular teeth. Two spiny claws, gill like fins and flaps on either side for swimming. Caron has told that it was a torpedo-shaped flattened creature that lived near the sea level. It flourished at a time when much of North America was submerged in the tropical seas. Scientists found dozens of Titanokory fossils in British Columbia between 2014 and 2018. They used to dig the soil with their claws and used to eat the insects found in it. They would float like today’s stingrays.

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