‘Touch Feely,’ ‘Maggie’ and other streaming gems

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‘Touch Feely,’ ‘Maggie’ and other streaming gems

As the temperatures drop and the couch is ringing again, it’s time to search through the libraries of subscription streaming services. This month’s recommendations include indie comedy-dramas, genre hybrids and informative documentaries about influential outsiders.

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When writer and director Lynn Shelton passed away unexpectedly last year, she left behind a small but distinctive set of films—intelligent and insightful comedy-dramas, modest in their scope but endless in their emotions. This Sundance selection is one of their most moving, a family story that focuses on siblings (Rosemary DeWitt and Josh Pace) in personal and spiritual crisis, attempting to open their minds and hearts to the unspeakable forces around them. Is. Allison Janney, Elliot Page and Scott McEnery round out the cast.

John Carney largely fueled the success of the micro-budget “Once”, which starred such prominent names as Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley and Katherine Keener in the lead roles. But his sensibility remained intact; This is yet another melodious musical comedy-drama, with its lyrics turned into a story about the people who make the music, and why they do it. Ruffalo stars as a disgruntled record executive in search of not only talent but authenticity (and allure); He thinks he finds both in Knightley’s precocious singer-songwriter.

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Sketch artist and stand-up comic Nick Kroll shows off his thespian range in this low-key but engaging indie. The narrative strokes are familiar: A young Hot Shot is cut to size, so he moves back home and does something to live and learn and grow. Yet Kroll’s emotional development is reassuring, as is his relationship with his suburban sister, played by Rose Byrne with equal warmth and ferocity; Her real life partner Bobby Cannavale is in top form as is her husband.

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When “Back to the Future” star Lee Thompson switched from acting to feature filmmaking, she made it a family affair. Their daughters Madeline Deutch and Zoey Deutch co-star as the sisters, Madeline writes the screenplay and Thompson appears in a brief but juicy supporting role as their mother. But this is no vanity project; The screenplay is witty and perceptive, portraying 20’s ennui with self-reflection, the sisterly biplay is incredibly believable and Madeline has a winning screen presence. Additionally, “Succession” fans will be delighted to see cousin Greg himself, Nicholas Braun, as a romantic leading man.

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When Joseph Gordon-Levitt made the jump from actor to filmmaker, he went in the opposite direction of Lee Thompson, creating a character and situation miles away from his own. He stars as the title character, a goofy muscle man with a thick jersey accent and an all-encompassing leather jacket. John is addicted to sex and all of its stuff, and the routine and rhythm of his single-minded pursuit of Gordon-Levitt’s stylish directing homes in. It’s like “shame” with a sense of humor, a mix that shouldn’t come off, but somehow does.

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The filmmaking team of Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp wrote and directed this delightful tribute to the 1980s “One Crazy Night” action-comedy. Tyson Brown stars as Mike, a shy high school kid who unexpectedly goes on a date with his dream girl Kelsey (Shelby Duclos) and is stuck without a car, buying a cheap clunker. But the vehicle is a bargain for a reason, putting him in the sights of trigger-happy drug dealers, murderers, and cops. there is very running, but young stars keep it to the ground; He’s endlessly likable, he’s a star in the making (his fight scene is a jaw-dropper), and his vibrancy and chemistry make the real stakes between madness.

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The modern 2000 “Hamlet” adaptation from director Michael Almerida and actor Ethan Hawke is one of the strangest and most successful films in that period’s cycle of Shakespeare updates—so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their reunion is further out there. From the outside, considering the source material is one of the Bard’s lesser-known (and thus more freely interpretable) works. What began as a tale of battle royalty has become a gleeful tale of biker gangs and corrupt cops, as influenced by Roger Corman as William Shakespeare, and for the better. Ed Harris, Dakota Johnson and John Leguizamo co-star.

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The strangest thing happened in this 21st century: Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out to be an amazing actor. He always had undeniable charisma and presence, but he was never (by his own admission) much of a thespian—yet he acquired a richness with age and experience, which was here as a fearful father. as best demonstrated by his work. But don’t worry, genre fans, this isn’t some navel-seeing indie drama; He’s a terrified father whose daughter is bitten by zombies in the post-pandemic hell, so, you all know something.

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Doc Ellis is best remembered these days when he pitched an out of his mind (he claimed) no-hitter on LSD in 1970. Jeff Radice’s freewheeling documentary brings that game to life (with the help of trippy music and animation), but “No Know” is much more: Ellis’ career, his struggle with addiction and (most of all) his own mind. His insistence on speaking out comes at a time when many black athletes were reluctant to do so.

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Few figures in contemporary comedy are spoken of with respect reserved for Del Close, the famed improvisational comedian and teacher whose methods and students have expanded into the world of the Second City, “Saturday Night Live,” the Upright Citizens Brigade. even more. Heather Ross’s rowdy, energetic documentary gathers the requisite treasure trove of archival clips and testimonials from famous faces, while re-playing its wildest moments and awkward leanings.

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