Top Biden aides have been briefed about the mysterious illnesses of US diplomats and spies.

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Top Biden aides have been briefed about the mysterious illnesses of US diplomats and spies.

Top aides to President Biden were told Friday that experts studying the mysterious diseases affecting many diplomats, spies and their family members were still struggling to find evidence to support the leading theory, that Microwave attacks are being launched by Russian agents.

According to several senior administrative officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, the Director of National Intelligence, Avril D. The report came at an unusual, classified meeting convened by Haynes. The purpose of the meeting was to assess investigations and efforts to treat victims of so-called Havana syndrome – unexplained headaches, dizziness and memory loss reported by State Department officials, CIA officers and their families.

While Mr Biden has said almost nothing publicly about the episode, the National Security Council has launched an urgent effort to address the issue, and two separate task forces are now working, One is investigating the cause and led by the CIA and the other is focusing on finding commercial technology that can detect or prevent attacks.

The subject of Friday’s meeting of the Joint Intelligence Community Council was confirmed on Sunday evening by Timothy Barrett, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Strategic Communications.

“This is a top priority for the intelligence community,” he said, “and we are supporting the NSC-led effort to find answers, care for our people, and prevent future incidents.”

In the meeting, Foreign Minister Antony J. blinken; Attorney General Merrick B. Garland; CIA Director, William J. Burns; and FBI Director, Christopher A. Ray.

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The high-ranking nature of the session was an indication of how quickly the attacks, which date back to 2016, have grown from a medical mystery to an urgent national security issue. Biden administration officials say they were surprised at how chaotic the government’s response had been over the past four years, because departments had no central way to share reports of episodes and because many of the targets were intelligence officers whose identities and Locations could not appear.

A December 2020 study of causes by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that microwave attacks were most likely the cause, but Biden administration officials say the group did not have access to classified information.

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