Top 10 Google Ranking Factors For 2021, This Help you to Rank in No 1

Google says that backlink will no longer be ranking factor it’s not going to happen. Google ranks high quality backlink site instead of backlinks numbers.

There is a lot of difference in the Seo of 2013 and 2020. In 2021, we will have to optimize the content in a new way for the top ranked in Google to bring more organic traffic to the site. In this post, I am talking about the top 10 Google ranking factors of 2021.

Ranking Factors
Ranking Factors

More than 200 ranking factors are used by Google and every year Google updates its algorithm to change new ranking signals and changing preferences. Webmaster needs to keep their site in Google search for the top ranking of Google ranking factors. According content has to be optimized.

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors are given below

1. Search Intent

Search Intent
Search Intent

When a user searches something in Google search, it is his intention to get accurate and accurate information. Google’s attempt is also to give users better information. This will be the case in 2021, the higher the content of the site the more relevant the search query, the better the position it will get in search results.

2. Content Keywords

Using keywords in post titles in 2021 will also be a powerful ranking factors as Google checks whether the content you typed is relevant to the user query. Also the image alt tag heading highlight words will also be important but people who post their posts They fill with keywords, their content will not rank.

3. CTR (Click-Through Rate)


CTR is the strongest reliability signal for Google and there is no doubt that CTR plays a major role in the search rank. The better the CTR, the better the rank in Google. You can see the CTR in the performance report of your search console.

4. Explained Content

Expalined Content is also an ranking factors. Google is now engaged in improving search quality. Google is now prioritizing pages that match user-searched queries rather than multiple keywords.

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That is why you need to write content for only keywords in blog posts. Instead, it should be written for the user by performing it well. Now Google does not see which keywords match your content, rather it sees how important your content is to the user.

5. Grammar

The user does not like Spelling Mistakes in content at all, so he will not rank such content in 2021, where Spelling and Grammar Mistakes are high. There is not much to say, just confirm before publishing the post. There is no spelling or grammar mistake in your content.

6. Unique Content

In 2021, Google will not see such sites which provide duplicate or copied content. Google already penalizes such sites but will now take a deep action on it. Confirm that there is no duplication provision in your site. If you believe that there may be duplicate pages on your site, then check on Plagiarism Checker

7. Well-structured HTML

By using the HTML markup of your site from the Clear Way, you can help the search engine understand what your content is in real. Search engines still provide structure markup and semantic markup.

So even if your content has subsequent HTML markup, no matter how good your content is, the search engine spider will feel that the latter is quality content. The content of your site Use true markup to make HTML macro more clear. Structured data markup helper and structured data testing tool can help you in this.

8. Link Authority

No matter how many backlinks you have, it makes a difference from backlink quality to how many high quality backlinks you have. Backlinks will rank you upside down instead of giving your site the top rank.

So, find out from the backlink audit tool that your site But how many spammy links are there and dispose them with Google Disavow tool so that your site’s rank will remain in the year 2019 also.

9. Backlinks and Link Domains

Google ranks high quality backlink site instead of backlinks numbers. In 2021, this factor will work so keep it up and keep making high quality backlink for top ranking of your site. Google says that backlink will no longer be ranking factors it’s not going to happen.

10. Link Anchor Text

Although the link anchor text ranking factor does not work as much as before, but still the link anchor text keywords rank in Google. But in link anchor text, keep in mind that the link anchor text must be relieved from the keyword or else you get Google penguin penalty. Can.

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11. Page speed

page speed
page speed

Talking about the user experience, the site page loading speed is the largest ranking factors. In Google Speed Update, it has been cleared very long in which page speed has been made the mobile search ranking factor. Future speed will have the top ranking factor and fast loading site Will get top rank in search results.

12. HTTPS Site (Secure Connection)

Taking care of the user’s security is Google’s biggest concern, so in 2014 Google made HTPP a search ranking signal and now Google Chrome Browser shows Insecure Warning for HTTP site. In 2019 it will also be ranking factor for your site HTPP Load with This is a better security for both you and your customers.

13. Dwell Time and Bounce Rate

These are 2 dishonor ranking factors that are linked to the user experience. If you talk about the bounce rate, then how much time the user reads your pages, it renders the page on undefined.

In the bounce rate, the user can leave and get satisfied with your site in 5 seconds. It depends on the search query what the user types and comes to your site. The more time users spend on your site, Google will consider it as much better.

14. Page Authority within Website

I am not talking about external page authority, (page authority is also an ranking factors) which is from Google. Here I am talking about the page authority within your site, how authoritative are the pages of your site. How much better you build pages and how much readers are excited to read your content.

Means how many link add on your homepage and how the pages look. Adding lots of links in the site navigation Adding a lot of internal related post links in the post is so optimizing and now Google is also making such a site.

So Design a user friendly site page with a simple and clear look that the user will like, which the user will like, search engines will also like. I am not talking about external page authority, which is from Google.


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This is the Google ranking factors that every webmaster needs to work on if you ignore them, then understand that in 2021 there will be no lot of traffic on your site.

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