Toll rate hiked for commercial vehicles on Yamuna Expressway

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Toll rate hiked for commercial vehicles on Yamuna Expressway

Noida (Language) Toll rate for commercial vehicles has been increased on Yamuna Expressway. The new rates have come into force with immediate effect.

For commercial vehicles, it has been increased from 5 paise to 15 paise per kilometer. Accordingly, now for 10 km, one and a half rupees more will have to be paid. The toll rate for light commercial vehicles, light goods carriers and minibuses has been increased from Rs 3.85 to Rs 3.90 per kilometer.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Yamuna Authority, Dr. Arunveer Singh said that the rates for buses and trucks have been increased from Rs 7.85 to Rs 7.90 per kilometer. The rate for heavy construction machines has been increased from Rs 11.90 to Rs 12.05 per kilometer. On the other hand, vehicles of huge size will have to pay a toll of Rs 15.55 per kilometer instead of Rs 15.40.

He said that Jaypee Infratech, the operator of the expressway, had already been instructed to provide FASTag facility to the drivers at the toll plazas. Necessary technical arrangements for Fastag have been completed in all the three toll plazas of the expressway, Jewar, Mathura and Agra.

Singh said that the drivers will be able to leave early by paying toll tax through FASTag. This will save the travel time as well as get rid of the jam at toll plazas. However, for those drivers who wish to pay toll tax in cash, booths will be earmarked for them as well.

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