tips for a healthy diet during Work From Home in covid 19 days

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tips for a healthy diet during Work From Home in covid 19 days

Work From Home The corona virus began to spread throughout the world, and it had a direct effect on life. All the habits changed completely and many had to struggle for a long time to maintain balance in this changed lifestyle. Some new rules were added to the habit of going out to get something out of even work habits. There were restrictions on going to the office in daily life and work from home started.

Work From Home has been going on for the last several months, but this has also started to cause discomfort to many. Work From Home is now a part of your lifestyle, here are some special tips on how to take care of your health by accepting it positively, as follows …

Do not work near the kitchen– Your workstation should be away from the kitchen at home. This will reduce your chances of being distracted.

Set diet times– Just as you set your bedtime, exercise, and work schedule, so do your diet. Make it a habit to eat at home from time to time at work.

Don’t skip meals- We often spend a lot of time at work and forget about the next meal. But, this habit is not good at all. It is best to eat when you are hungry. If necessary, make a habit of eating using mobile timer.

Prefer a balanced diet- Since you are at home, control your eating habits. Emphasize how to balance all the nutrients in the diet. A balanced diet benefits the body and at the same time affects the mind.

Drink plenty of water Drinking water relieves fatigue and does not cause dehydration. Just like you keep a water bottle on the table in the office, keep a water bottle on the side while working at home.

Reduce caffeine intake- Many people like to work with tea and coffee. However, overdose is dangerous. It also increases headaches, indigestion and discomfort.

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