Third umpire in India-England match over ‘Soft Signal’! What is a soft signal?

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Third umpire in India-England match over ‘Soft Signal’! What is a soft signal?

IND vs ENG : The third umpire is in dispute over a ‘soft signal’ in the fourth T20 match between India and England. The third umpire trend is also starting from that. In the fourth T20 match, India defeated England by eight runs to tie the five-match T20 series 2-2. Now the final match for the series win will be played tomorrow, March 20th. In the fourth match, Suryakumar Yadav was dismissed under a soft signal. Then the argument started. Team India captain Virat Kohli has also reacted to this along with veteran players. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In this match, Suryakumar Yadav was given out as a soft signal. However, there was a lot of ambiguity regarding his catch. The ball seemed to hit the ground. The on-field umpire dismissed him. Therefore, it was also said to be out in soft signal. If the on-field umpire had not given out, he would not have been dismissed. The same thing happened with Washington. & nbsp; Adil Rashid caught Joffra Archer’s ball near the boundary. At that moment, his feet seemed to be touching Samaresh. But even there it was given out as a soft signal. & nbsp;

What is a soft signal & nbsp;
If a player is caught and the decision is not clear, he goes to the third umpire. The third umpire has to give his decision as a soft signal according to the decision given by the on-field umpire. If there is no clear decision regarding the catch, then the third umpire gives the decision as a soft signal. In such a situation, the third umpire upholds the decision of the on-field umpire. Such changes have been made in cricket with the advent of new technology. A similar decision is made after a lbw. Even if the trap is out, it is canceled as an umpire call. It has often been criticized. & Nbsp;

Speaking after the match yesterday, Virat said that Ajinkya Rahane had caught the same thing in the previous Test series, but he was not sure. Soft signals are very important when there are close calls. I don’t know why the on-field punch can’t say I don’t know when I give a soft signal. Soft signal is crucial. Matthew affects all decisions. It’s important to be clear on the field, “said Virat, expressing his displeasure against the soft signal.

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