These apps can be the option of Twitter in India Koo App Plurk Tumblr

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These apps can be the option of Twitter in India Koo App Plurk Tumblr

New Delhi: Tensions have been running high for the past few days between the popular micro-blogging platform Twitter and the Indian government. So millions of people, including Union ministers, started looking for Twitter alternatives. In such a scenario, the popularity of many other apps increased rapidly. The Koo app, known as the most native Twitter, was downloaded. Today we are telling you about one such micro-blogging platform, which can be an alternative to Twitter in the country.

Koo App
This micro-blogging platform is currently making waves in the country. Many ministers and celebrities are also using this app, which is rapidly increasing its popularity. The use of this app has increased in the last few months. People are thinking of this as the native version of Twitter. This app is made in India. It can be used in many Indian languages, which makes it special.

This app is very used in the country and the world. Yahoo owns this micro-blogging platform. Millions of people around the world use this platform. It’s just as popular as Twitter. We can share text, photos, videos and links on this platform. It is also easy to use. Tumblr is considered to be Twitter’s biggest competitor in the world.

This micro blogging app was launched in May 2008. This platform also works like Twitter. Some of its features are unique. On this platform, we can share 210 characters, which is more than Twitter. We can have group discussions on this forum. Its popularity is constantly growing. In the coming days, the number of users could grow rapidly.

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