There will be a federal election for a second Amazon site on Staten Island

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There will be a federal election for a second Amazon site on Staten Island

The National Labor Relations Board has approved a union election at a second Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, opening a new frontier in growing challenges to the company’s labor model.

The agency informed the company on Wednesday that the new Amazon labor union on Staten Island had gathered enough signatures to prove sufficient interest in holding the election at a warehouse called LDJ5, said Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee who held the event. leading the effort. ,

Amazon is already facing elections from March 25 to 30 at JFK8, a sprawling neighboring warehouse, as well as another company’s warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., outside Birmingham. Mr Small said the logistics of the latest Staten Island vote would be hashed out at a hearing at the agency on March 14.

Kelly Nantel, an Amazon spokeswoman, said the company “looks forward to hearing the voices of our employees.” She said the company was “focused on working directly with our team to make Amazon a great place to work.”

Last year, warehouse workers in Alabama voted against joining a union, but the labor agency pulled out the result after Amazon improperly interfered with the election.

In a message sent to employees at the LDJ5 warehouse on Wednesday shortly after the agency’s decision, Amazon sought to persuade workers against siding with the fledgling union. The union will “continue to promise things like better pay and benefits to get your support”, but “you may end up with more or less what you have now”, the message added. Having said.

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Mr Small said the notion that there would be fewer workers as a result of joining the union was a “blatant lie” and was not effective. “We know for sure that Amazon is going to spread anti-union propaganda, but that is to be expected,” he said.

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