There is a trap of thugs everywhere in Delhi-NCR, stay safe, otherwise you will be pauper

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There is a trap of thugs everywhere in Delhi-NCR, stay safe, otherwise you will be pauper

Cases of cheating in different parts of the country including UP are not taking the name of stopping. These thugs catch the innocent people by luring them with double the amount or some other lure and then clean their hands on the hard earned money. The latest case is from Sahibabad in UP. By making fake documents, he cheated 50 lakh rupees from a person by making a deal of one and a half crore plots in Bhaupura. The charge is on 2 real brothers. The victim Kamal Kumar Gupta, a resident of Delhi, has registered this case against two real brothers Surendra Kumar Goel and Jogendra Kumar Goel, residents of Rana Pratap Bagh, New Delhi at Sahibabad police station.

fake documents were made
The victim told the police that on December 28, 2020, he had done a deal of about 320 yards of land located in Brahampur alias Bhaupura village of DLF Dilshad Extension-2 from both the brothers for one crore sixty lakhs. The deal was done through Javed Akhtar Pasha. In respect of plot at DLF’s office of Javed, Rs 10 lakh was given as advance and two checks of 10 lakh each were given in the name of both the brothers. During this, it was decided between the two parties that the deed of the plot would be held on 10 March 2021. There was also talk of giving the remaining amount at the time of denama, but when the victim reached the registry office on March 10, it was found that both the brothers did not reach there. There was no contact with the accused. It is alleged that later both the brothers started evasive to do the benama. On investigation, it was found that the papers which were shown by both the brothers were forged.

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Cheated in the name of getting job on ship
The youth of Gorakhpur, who had worked in the Merchant Navy, cheated 40 thousand rupees on the pretext of getting a job on a ship of a private company based in Mumbai. On Wednesday, the victim met the police station in-charge Indirapuram and requested to take action against the accused. Police station in-charge Manish Bisht says that the matter is being investigated. Victim Aditya Chauhan told that he has worked in Merchant Navy for 9 months. He had put his resume online for further job. During this, he got a call from a company called Red Ship Management. He told that his office is in Niti Khand near Mangal Chowk in Ghaziabad. The victim says that when he came to the company’s office, his medical was done there. Along with this, after signing the agreement, saying that he would get the job soon, he deposited 40 thousand rupees. Since then, the people of the company kept talking about getting him a job. Finally on October 20, he refused to get the job. When the young man asked for his money, he called him to Ghaziabad. During this, when the young man came to Ghaziabad from Mumbai, he came to know that the company’s office is closed. The people who used to work there also did not pick up the phone. Exhausted, the young man approached the police and reported the matter to the police.

Bank clerk a victim of cyber fraud, withdrew 98 thousand rupees
A clerk of Canara Bank Ambedkar Chowk in Rohtak, Haryana has become a victim of cyber fraud. Cyber ​​thugs cheated 98 thousand rupees by posing as relatives. Arya Nagar police station has registered a case of cheating. Ruby of Madanheri, Hisar is working as a clerk in the bank. He got a call from a number. The caller told the relative on the bluff and said that the payment would come on the number of PhonePe. Ruby also fell in love with him and could not recognize him. Then a link popped up on Ruby’s phone. 49 thousand rupees were deducted from Ruby’s account as soon as it was opened. Another link was sent when Ruby asked to return the money. After opening that link, once again 49 thousand rupees were deducted from the bank account. When I checked on the phone pe, the name was showing Prakash Chandra Sharma. After this the police was informed. The Police is investigating.

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10 lakh cheated on the pretext of kidney transplant
Took ten lakh rupees in advance from a surgeon by advertising a kidney transplant in Facebook. The fraudsters got confused by taking the money. On the complaint of the victim, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police arrested Vipin Kumar (21) resident of Aligarh in UP and Rohit Kumar (27) of Pratapgarh. Both have cheated five people so far, while more than 50 people were in contact with them for transplant. Joint CP (Crime) Alok Kumar told that Dr. Rajeev Chandra is a surgeon and practices in Mumbai. Doctors had advised him for kidney transplant. There was no close relative who could give him a kidney. Through an advertisement, he came in contact with Karan, who had called Delhi to meet him. They met on 27 August in Delhi. Karan asked for an advance of six lakh rupees. Rajiv gave her Rs 3.5 lakh. In September, Karan was transferred Rs 1 lakh online. He was told that he was to undergo an operation on September 17 in a Delhi hospital.

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